Hey guys, would you like a long-form ai content writer? Well, if you do stick around to the end, because we're going to be checking that out: hey i'm Henry from Product Creation Formula and here at product creation formula, we love to give you tips and tricks to be able to help. You create your products quickly and easily, along with that, we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online. So if that's the sort of thing interesting, how about you smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon? So you can be notified whenever we upload more videos, alright, guys, let's go check it out here we are at an app called wordplay.

i. Now i bought this from appsumo i'll leave a link for appsumo down below. I don't have a direct product link for this particular product, but all you need to do is type in the word wordplay and you can get this for 99

Now i haven't actually created a product with this, yet i haven't created an article, so you – and i are doing this for the very first time now when you get this, you get lifetime access to it, because, but the only thing is you only get 7500 words. A month so it'll renew every single month, but you only get 7500 words a month, but with that being said, that means you can create about five 1500 word articles a month. If you wish to using this – or you can create 10 750 word articles and remembering this is long-form content, so let's have a quick look around the site first of all you're in here and you can create an article and you can do that by going here.

You can click on that or you can click on up here where it says, create article or create content now down here. If we see learn how to use wordplay in 60 seconds, you can see the instructional videos and the instructional videos are on this page over here and they have quite a few videos that you can look at and i won't go into too much detail about that. You can watch that as you get it now. If you wish to, you, can create an articles from here and you put in your headline there and you can add a subheading there, a sub heading there, and then you can add it. So, as you can see, it's a 500 word count just here.

So if you add more, you can actually add that 750 words, 750 words and as you scroll through it will give you up to eight subheadings that you can do so. As you can see, there are eight subheadings plus a main heading. If you wish to do it that way or if you wish to you, can use the bulk creation mode now, the bulk creation mode is, you can download the content template from here, and this is what the template actually looks like. Let me just bring that up. For one moment it's a excel program now when they do it, when they send it to you, it's really quite scrunched up, so you need to spread it out, so you can see what's going on so what you can do, it looks like you have to put In different subheadings – and it goes up to eight subheadings – i think it is or seven subheadings and you can expand that up.

If you wish to now, each line will be a different heading for the for the article and, if you wish to you, can create five articles in one sitting and say: if you're having to do it all, and you can just put the different headings you wish For each article and then it will then create the five articles for you, and that will be your months with articles in one sitting say, for example, you have a blog post. You want to upload some content to every week and you can do that right. So let's have a look at what this is like. They also have over here the ai mode. Now the ai mode is pretty cool.

All you really need to do is put in a title, then the project name and then you can put in the article description now. That'S i'm going to just go over here and i'm going to grab this title that i've just decided to to write up a little earlier, and i'm going to place that straight into here how to get targeted by traffic from facebook or how to get free. Better. Still free targeted biotraffic from facebook that will do buyers from facebook. So now we're going to be putting down this one we're just going to copy them that copy that project name and that's exactly the same project.

Name we're going to be keeping it a project description. The thing is the description and the project name really are just for your own purposes. Just so you know what it's about so we're going to be making this this one here says article estimated words, one thousand, so it's it's estimated it'll be able to create a 1 000 word article out of this keyword, um how to get and facebook groups. I might even go and facebook groups and see how that comes up now. Let'S submit this and see what happens now.

This could take a while. The last time i watched this on a video it took a little while to actually create now i'm going to have a quick view. I don't think it's finished yet i think you're still thinking and we'll have a look at it later: okay, yeah, oh okay! We can preview it now that was pretty quick. Okay when it comes to spending your hard earned money, you want to get the most value for your money.

Buying a new wardrobe or going on a much anticipated vacation can feel like a luxury. When you don't have extra cash, you might be able to get creative and make yeah. That'S just got to do with facebook, but but if you really want to experience those expensive things without breaking the bank, you need to expand facebook advertising campaign is awaited, uh a way to target people who have shown interest in your business. This includes users who have visited your website, okay, okay, so far, this is well. You know, like the first part, was a bit confusing um.

Let'S have a look and what better way than by getting targeted customers who are willing to spend their money on something that you sell. One of the best ways to do this is through using facebook advertising specifically targeted ads based on users, interests and intent. That'S actually not too bad, i'm actually that it started off a bit strange, but they obviously had a point that they, it obviously had a point i wanted to get to. Okay, let's see how where this goes from this uh. But if you really want to experience those expensive things without breaking the bank, you need to expand your income and what better way to understand now, oh, it went from one really weird tangent to bringing it quite nicely to facebook advertising.

I did not expect that all right, okay, so that's actually quite good, all right uh, except it's not talking about the free stuff. So let's have a quick look at this all right. So, let's go back over here to ai mode, and i'm going to now put in here how to get buyers traffic from free, okay! Let'S get go back here, paste that back in here how to get uh free, targeted traffic. I'M gon na get rid of the word buyers how to get free, targeted traffic from facebook.

I'M just going to leave it at that. I'M not going to go too deep into that and i'm going to see how it writes it. This time just copy that and place that straight into here and let's hit how to get free, tabular traffic from facebook, let's just hit, submit and see what it comes up with now remembering this is, in fact the ai mode. So this is what you get from the actual ai. So here we go, it looks like it's ready, it's ticked it and it looks like it's ready to be used.

So let's click have a look at that: how to get free, targeted traffic from facebook. Let'S preview that how to get free, targeted traffic, okay, you need targeted traffic to succeed online okay. So it's not talking about the free stuff, yet great ads that reflect your brand okay when it comes to creating ads all right. So it looks like i was talking about the paid ads use tracking for to find out. Okay, all right, not bad!

So far conclusion you can get a ton of free, targeted traffic to your website, blog or social media posts by running facebook ads. It'S not free when you run facebook ads okay. So, let's try this one more time, but this time i'm going to try it with a slightly different tone and see how we go so go back over here to ai mode, and this time i want to go here, get rid of the word targeted how to Get free traffic from facebook all right, so i'm gon na get rid of the word targeted and then just go here and see what it might give you. So i really just wan na see how what it can do for me when it comes to creating something. That'S going to hopefully give me a decent content because it looks like it's giving me content.

That'S around paid advertising. I don't want to get paid advertising. I want to talk about free advertising. So let's have a look here at this one: how to get free traffic from facebook without the word targeted and see. If that makes a difference, i think because you're targeting it tends to think that it requires you to pay for it and that's fair enough.

Okay, so let's have a quick preview: you can go click on that how to get free traffic from facebook. Getting traffic to your website can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business in order to get what more eyes on your website, you need visitors in today's saturated mark, digital market, it's getting harder and harder for businesses to get visible visibility. Okay. So this is looking pretty good so far, let's have a look at where it says post on facebook groups. Well, that's what i was looking for.

I was hoping to see something like that: create useful content. That'S good use ads! Oh that's! More! Like it optimize your website, okay, reach out to people, you already know okay, one great way to get traffic to your is by reaching out to people you already know so that would, i would assume that's on facebook, okay, so it's easier than you may than it Sounds and the potential for success is great okay, so, as you read through, you can actually, if you're looking for free traffic if you're looking for traffic facebook is an excellent place to try look for a look at the destination of your visitors, if you okay, so You can have a bit of a read through that and see whether you like it so far.

I think it's reading quite well. I think it does read very very well i'm going to just copy all of this and we're going to go to copyscape and see whether or not this is any good. So, let's go over here to copyscape and see what this is like. Okay, so here i am, i'm just going to place this ad straight in here. Well, there's this content right here and let's have a look and see whether or not this is any good.

So, let's just click on that and see what it's like. So i'm just going to pause the video while it's thinking, oh so far, no results found for the text because that's telling me that it's plagiarism free, which is pretty cool, so there's no plagiarism in any of that. So i'm happy with that. I'M very happy with that. Okay, we click on that and there we have it now.

Let'S have a look at what we created. Okay, so my projects here we are so far. We have got one two three projects and let's see how many credits i've used. My usage, oh here we go, have a look at my usage. Okay, so oh here we go all right, so your subscription and entitlement allows you to create 7500 words every 30 days.

So let's have a look here. I'Ve used up 3 000 completed words. Okay, so there we go so i've used up three thousand words out of it. I'Ll leave a link for appsumo itself down in the description and just look up the word and just look up word play dot a i and it'll bring it straight up. That'S 99!

Straight up, and if you want to grab that you can do that, so i think it reads pretty well once i actually found the right type of content i want to do now. I could possibly even with that my projects, there's probably no reason why i couldn't cut and paste some of the things from each of these and create a whole new articles all right now, if you look over here, you'll notice, a video that i believe you might Like down here is a video youtube thinks you might like and over here. If you click on this icon, with my of my head you'll be able to subscribe, alright guys, thank you so much for watching and bye for now.

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