hey guys henry from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about five plr stores that you can check out today and i'm also going to be giving you a bonus one at the end which is a bit different to the regular plr source and also i'm also going to be giving you quite humbly i'm going to be recanting on one of my prior recommendations um i'll explain a bit more in the video why i'm no longer recommending them and it's for legitimate reasons and not i have no bitterness towards them myself i'll get more into it when you see the video and you'll understand why i can't recommend them in my prior video i have put a warning in both the description and in my uh section down below it and it's something i've never liked doing it's not i've i've never actually given somebody a really bad review like this unfortunately it's one of my previous ones that i have given raving reviews about but unfortunately i can't do that anymore anyway you'll understand more if you when you get to the end of the video and see for yourself what i'm talking about you know besides all that here at product creation formula we love to give you tips and tricks to be able to help you create your products quickly and easily along with that we do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online so if this is the sort of thing that interests you please consider smashing the like button as well as subscribing and hitting the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos okay guys thanks for watching and i'll see you in the next part bye for now hey guys how are in this part of the video i'm going to be showing you five different plr stores that you can have a look at and if you stick around to the end i'm going to be showing you a bonus plr type of store with a different kind of product and also one that i used to highly recommend and i'm now not recommending anymore in fact i'm going to be telling you why at the end so just stick around to the end and we will get around to that and i will explain it all to you when we get there okay so the first one i'm going to be looking at right now is plr assassin now i was looking through at this site the other day and one of the things that really struck me with this particular site was not only does it have a large range of plr products but it also has amazing support and that's what i was really looking for when it came to doing a product looking for products that you can sell online now you also have a free membership area as well and if you go in you can actually have a look at some of these products and you can download them for free you've got to log in before you go to sign up to a free membership and then you can then download these products i think there's about 200 products that you can download with this one and yeah so but you can also join for the premium price of 129 for a lifetime if you wish to now let's have a look at the join today and you can i'll show you the range of different prices now even though it says you've got your free one over here and you can sign up there or you can do this one here which is 19 a month now let's just click on that one for one moment if you go to here you can then go to there and you can then choose which one it is so you can do 117 a year or for 11 more you can go an entire lifetime i think if i was going to be doing it i would go in that particular direction now that would be the way i would go because i personally prefer lifetime access to something now another one that i would highly recommend and i actually know aurelius through him being my online mentor at one point on aurelius chin her he actually owns unstoppable plr and i know for a fact that his products are second to none they are such good quality products and what is included in almost all of its products things like checklists as well as the video courses and mind maps and a whole bunch of other things including the plr ebooks etc there's a whole bunch of different things and they're all good quality books he doesn't produce rubbish and he actually produces all these himself now he pays about two thousand dollars for every one of the products that he creates and it's called good quality stuff and it's highly researched so we you know it's something that people will actually want to buy from now the next site we're going to be having a look at is plr store or it's hqplastdoor and hqp last saw you know they've been around for a while now and they've got some really good offers here so you can also have a look at some of the things here the front end and the upsell so they actually have different things for things like instagram marketing youtube business done for you and you've got your your front end and you've got your upsell just here you've also got your next level linkedin and you've got a whole bunch of different ones here and you can scroll down and have a complete look at the various types of things they have and a lot of it's to do with um social media and e-commerce so you can have a look through and decide on what you want to download so that's hq plr now i was strongly suggested if you're going to do that you would also join up to that full time now another one you can go to is called the plr stalk.com now this one it's a bit different you actually purchase them as an individual item now you can go through and you can find the type that you're interested in and then you can actually purchase this one as low price of like three or four dollars maybe five or six dollars so yeah not much more than that at any given time and they have hundreds upon hundreds of books ebooks and so forth that you can choose from and it doesn't have to be just ebooks you can have a go look over here and you can go through here you can have a look at all the different digital products that they do now another one you can have a look at is called free plr downloads and they really are free and have a look at this you can get free epl ebooks free master resell rights ebooks free basic resale rights ebooks as well as free personal use rights and that goes the same for software videos and as well as others newsletters and free plr articles then you've got download tutorials and then you've got legal notices etc now that is another one now the one that i'm going to be giving you as a bonus one for if you don't say for example if you don't want to be doing those kind of plrs and you're more interested in doing the low content plr then you can go to this one called plr planners and it's literally got thousands upon thousands of different low content templates that you can choose from you can choose also some of the automation tools that they use and i love their automation tools because their automation tools are fantastic i use their calendar automation tool as well as their um there's a couple of different ones that i use as well as the ebook powerpoint replicator as well as the powerpoint calendar creator i love them both and i use them both now the last one that i'm going to stop recommending to people right now because i'll tell you why and maybe i'm just a little biased towards this but i was highly recommending them all the time and i have to say that when it came to getting any kind of help from these guys when it came to their their support they had no support there was literally no support and i have got commission waiting to be paid out to me and they they're not paying me um this is in digital works i used to highly recommend these guys and even though they have got literally thousands of ebooks and and various other things i mean i'm still a lifetime member i can still download their ebooks and so forth i'm just going to quickly log in for one second now as you can see i'm still a member and i have access to everything here but i'm going to be telling you right now i'm no longer going to be recommending in digitalworks or idplr because they're both owned by the same people and neither of them unless it's to do with paying the money to join up you don't get any support whatsoever and i mean i'm really disappointed because i don't like putting my name to something if it doesn't come through years ago when i first discovered in digital works they i was i was needing some support and i got the support really quickly and really easily so i thought oh fantastic they're really good with that unfortunately of late they have developed a really bad reputation of having really poor support even though they have a support center here they have never responded to my request from my commission nor have they responded to another subscriber that i have on my youtube channel he has had no luck in getting in contact with them either especially when it came to their hosting company and their hosting they never got back to him they never helped him out and they have not gotten back to me and for that reason i'm no longer supporting these guys and i won't support people who won't help who won't actually help other people or go into their support desk and help people out so yeah no i'm not going to be recommending in digital works or id plr anymore however i will recommend these others because i know for a fact the plr assassin is good in their support and they will respond and he the person who owns this also is a member of the warrior forum and if you can't get him directly from the members area you can you can definitely get onto him through the peel up through the members forum through warriors forum so this is a true down-to-earth actual um appraisal and review of this i can only tell you what i know and once as i said highly disappointed with in digital works and will never recommend them again i'll still use them for their plr products but i won't be i won't be recommending them ever again not until they start at answering their responses from their clients anyhow i am sorry in the past for recommending them and please forgive me anyway that's all for me guys thanks for watching if you like this video please give us a thumbs up as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos guys i really i hate giving bad reviews i have to say that but in this particular case i have no choice okay guys you have a blessing and i will catch you in the next video bye for now [Music] you