Super Fast Way To Write An Ebook

One of the biggest challenges for a product creator is to create a decent ebook. Depending on who you speak too, ebooks are either considered a cheap easy resource to give away or a lucrative industry that can make a good author a millionaire. Whichever way you see it, it is certain that ebooks are […]

I Have Started a New Channel

Hey guys, I have started a new YouTube channel. It is called Product Creation Formula. Check the video below to find out more.    This is the link to my new channel.

Niche Research Pt 2

In this video, we are discussing where I go to do my niche research. This is part two of a two-part series. Here we do the actual research and dive right in and choose a niche. 

My First YouTube Video For My New Channel

I have started a new channel on YouTube it is called product creation formula. I am going to start posting more videos on YouTube to build my audience. I am also going to point my audience to various offers as well as free products to help build my list.  The first video I am […]