Today in Partnership to Success, It is about “Winning The Email Marketing War”.

In the image below, John is pointing out that email marketing is the number 1 most important thing to your success online is email marketing.

One of the things that have held me back over the last 10 years, has been knowing how to write engaging emails.

When I first started out I tried affiliate marketing like most of you. I would do a little research into a topic and then go to an article directory and write an article.

Usually, the directory would say you have made this mistake or that mistake. But for me, it was quite a few mistakes. I found myself writing more and more, just to find out that after a day or two of fixing mistakes that it would finally be good enough to be published on the directory.

Like most of us doing affiliate marketing, I would jump from one traffic source to another hoping that this FREE traffic source is the one that was going to get me my first affiliate sale. After about 30 articles in about 10 article directories, all I ever heard were crickets LOL.

So my mistaken assumption was that I must be a terrible writer. (Basically, I thought, forget trying to write blogs) my biggest mistake was that I was trying to promote different things every day. So when I found out about email writing I wrongly assumed that I would be terrible at it.

By this stage, I had learnt a little bit more and had a squeeze page with a little ebook cover on it. I was confused about sending people to the offer from Aweber's thank you redirect. So I only sent them an email with the download link.

That was when another mistake happened. I would write promo emails just like everyone else. It would say something like. “Hey, {firstname} Check out this product I found [link]. LOL, I know you have seen those kinds of emails.

I so so many other emails like that, That is how I thought it was meant to be done.

There was also a lot of confusion about how often people should send out emails. My mistaken school of thought was that, if you send out an email everyday people will stop reading your emails,

I thought you will have spam complaints. if you sent it out every day.

Well, I have to say that with the type of emails I was sending out to people, I am surprised that didn't happen. I thought to myself what is the point of sending emails if after the first day no one opens your email anymore. so I gave up on email marketing.

But in Partnership to Success today, I heard some enlightening things about email marketing today. What a joy to see Randy Smith speak about adding a “joke of the day” to the bottom of your email.

That is just so me. I even have a YouTube Channel Called Dangerous Dad Jokes And Punishable Puns Thanks, My new friend and fellow internet marketer “Dave Thomas” for suggesting I put my channel link in the name. John spoke about making sure you remember that your list is actually people. People with dreams aspirations and if you treat them like a cash cow then you will get nowhere.

That was exactly what I was doing, Treating my list like a cash cow. I didn't want to send them good content because that was too much work. (I'm a naturally lazy person).  I bought into the lie about 15-minute riches.

Randy Smith spoke about a time he wrote an email, and he addressed it to a person he knew.

So he said hi Richard (or whatever name of someone you know) then he wrote the email to Richard himself. Then he replaced the name Richard with {firstname fix}

So thankfully this became a breakthrough for me. Who can't write to a friend right?  I can easily do that to help them find something that is going to help them to achieve their goal.

John pointed out that he sends emails out every day and he always sends out a sequence of emails on a daily basis. He doesn't jump from one product to another daily. He sticks to one and promotes that one for a week.

YES! another revelation. I can remind people about the 1 offer on a daily basis, for a week, without feeling that I am causing them to feel like I am pestering them. I love the revelations this day has brought.

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    2 replies to "My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 10"

    • Dave Thomas

      Hi Henry, I’m glad to see you’re enjoying John’s programme and that we are both at about the same stage although you seem to be getting things right a lot quicker than me. It is my second attempt to move forward with John and this time I’m aimimg to go all the way.

      I think this might be your first comment but, I hope, not your last, so keep up the writing as I know there is more to share from you once you start expanding your topics.

      One thing, why don’t you have a hyperlink to your YouTube channel to open in a new tab? Might get you some viewers as that is something I like reading being a “Bad Dad” myself and I’m definitely a Grumpy Old Man (

      Let’s keep an eye on each other and create an exciting future with P2S

      To your success


      • Henry Webster

        Hey Dave. Good Idea about putting a link to my YouTube Channel.
        I actually forgot I put that in that post. Yes, I will definitely do that.
        Next time you see the post It will have a link to Dangerous Dad Jokes and Punisable Puns.
        I only have a couple of videos on it but I do have a few view and subscribers on it.
        I agree let’s keep an eye on each other, and create an exciting future with P2s.

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