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This ai transcribes videos and creates new content. Now, if you'd like to learn a little bit more about what this is stick around to the very end, my name's henry and i'm from product creation formula here at product creation formula, we love to give you tips and tricks to better help. You create your products quickly and easily, along with that, we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online. So, if that's the sort of thing that interests you, how about you, smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon, so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos, alright, guys, let's go check it out now. This is content, gorilla and content.


Grill has been around for about three years now now, content gorilla used to be about getting your videos and then transcribing it so as it would then be able to get uploaded straight to your blog and i've only ever had only ever used it. For my personal videos, i don't believe in using it for other people's videos because to me that's kind of like stealing other people's content, and i don't like doing that. I think there's an ethical issue in doing that. But anyway, they have decided to turn this into an ai, and i have to say it's not bad. I i'm pretty cool, i'm pretty i'm pretty impressed with this.


It still has all the features of transcribing your video and then uploading that onto your website, and you could also spin the content as well in the past, but i have to say the spinner was pretty average uh pretty below average. Actually, it was not good, but then i ai has seriously improved things and the ai has really done an amazing job of improving what this content is already like. So let's have a quick look. So when you have a look at this, it says you know, do it in the voice of maybe tony robbins or neil patel, or something like that. But i have to say this is really really good.


Okay, so let's go and have a look at what we're talking about here. We'Ll have a look at the price. This is the commercial license, go down to the very bottom and i'll point out the price to you when we get to it and it looks like it's unlimited uh closed captions includes 20 000 ai process words, artificial intelligence, unlimited closed captions seo all that sort of Stuff yeah there's a lot of stuff involved for sixty seven dollars. Sorry, sixty seven dollars one time price and use the word gorilla to get twenty dollars off now i'll leave a link for this in the description down below and that will give it to you for 47 dollars. So let us now have a look at content.


Gorilla now content gorilla. As i said, it's been around about three years now. Typically, what i would use it for is, i would say, go over to my channel over here and then i'd look for a video. I want to transcribe so create an ebook with three ai okay, so let's click on that wait for it to wake up, and then i would literally just get the content and put it straight into it. I'M just going to pause.


The video for a second first thing i need to do is go to the share button. I'M going to go to my share button. My internet's running a bit slow today, so we now just copy this link. Just here. We copy that.


That'S it we'll just copy that and let's go back over here to content gorilla, let's place this straight into here, i'm just going to go ctrl v and then we're going to have it so have relevance delivered as any license, because we're pasting a an actual youtube. Video in and down here, as you can see, it says, create a ebook with this free ai and you go click on that and you can then hit create post. So let's now create the post and in just a few seconds this will have literally written everything inside that video. It'S literally written everything inside that video see that that is just everything. I'Ve said inside that video and then i can also, if i want to, i can add this.


I can spin it if i want to which i don't really want to, because the spin is pretty pretty much rubbish. I wouldn't use a spinner, i can add punctuations. I can create paragraphs and so forth, so you can make it look like how you like it go here, i'm going to just create a few but a few paragraphs here and i'm just going to pause the video. While i do that. So what we can do now is: let's have a look here.


You can have a look at what i'm actually saying here and i'm just going to go down here and i'm just going to grab this bit of information here. If i can now here, we are at a place called hyperwriter now hyperwriter is only is the only sorry. The hypo is only the new kid on the block. Okay, let's get rid of that. I'M just gon na do a little bit of editing, while i'm here.


Okay, so i'm going to get this i'm going to highlight over the top of that and then what happens is this little thing this box here turns up now. This one here allows you to paraphrase the content, or it allows you to actually write the content. For me, so have a look here, i'm going to have it write the content for me, we'll just click on that now we have a choice here. We can either do it professionally, casual or in the voice of, and because i have a bit of a presence online. Now i'm going to be putting my own name in there.


So what i'm going to do is i'm just going to hit submit and what it'll do it'll rewrite that sentence for me. Okay, it's actually added a bit of extra content. For me now we hear a place called hyper. The hyperwriter is the new kid on the block, but it is completely free, which is really awesome. If you are one of those people who hate writing stories by hand and hyperwriter is perfect for you, it's got a really easy to use interface.


So even if you've never written a word of code before yeah, don't worry about code, even if you've never written up. Okay and if you've never written anything before you'll be able to start making your own stories in no time. Okay, so, as you can see, it's rewritten that all completely not bad. So it's all right! So we'll just use this one, and we'll paraphrase a little paraphrase.


This section just here and we'll now go paraphrase and see what it does complete paraphrase. Okay, so let's have a look and you have a read of what it says if you're, a writer who hates writing by hand hat hyperwriter, is the perfect app for you. It has an easy to use interface, so even if you've never written the code or says code, anything [, Music, ] before you'll be able to start making your own stories in no time. I'Ve writer is also completely free, which is really awesome. Okay, so there you go so that is what it does.


You can also have it add extra content now. What i would want to use it for is i'm going to actually delete all of this and think of it as a long form content creator. Now, what i'm going to do is going to grab all this and put this in a wordpress i'll put this somewhere, where i can actually add it to my blog. So i'm just gon na copy this ctrl c and place that in a word document or in another document here just give us one. Second, while i bring this up so i'm just going to place that in here and then we're going to going to go and do something else, i'm going to come over here and highlight over the top of every single thing here and then i'm going to delete The whole thing: okay, we're going to delete that now, i'm going to be writing here a headline and the headline will say how to create an e-book using a i okay.


So now we have to do is highlight over the top of that, and we can now add now we can do this as somebody else. If we wish to, we can make it we can go professional, we can do casually or in the voiceover i'm gon na. Do this one i'm gon na make it in my own voice. Now i'm gon na do it in the voice of henry webster and then what we have to do is hit submit and let it do its job here we go here. We go i'm henry webster and today i'm going to be going to teach you how to create an ebook using artificial intelligence.


First, you'll need to gather some data collect data about your target audience what you, what you're interested in and the type of ebooks they would want to read, use this data develop. Your ebooks main topic then use artificial intelligence to write the ebook that targets your audience. Your ebook will be perfect for your target audience and they will love it. Okay, that's a good intro. I wouldn't quite speak like that, but hey it's worked out.


How i, how roughly i speak, i wouldn't say: click data, i would say: do niche research and yeah. That'S sort of thing i would say you just do a little bit of editing here and there and then what you can do is you can then go. You can write a bit more stuff. You can write a bit more if you want to have a bit more information: how to do niche research, [, Music, ], ebook topic there we go highlight over the top same deal. Click on that go down here, use my name again in the voice of and now, if it doesn't work in your voice.


By the way you can just go to casual because you want to be able to speak in a casual kind of tone, which is what you want so, but in this case i'm just going to be using my name. So i'm just going to scroll down here. Hit submit and we'll let it do its thing won't take long alone, second moment: okay, here we go finding a topic for your ebook can be daunting tasks, but it doesn't have to be with a little bit of niche research. You can find the topic that is both interesting, relevant and relevant to your readers. One identify your readers.


Who is your target audience? What are they interested in? What'S the content, current current trends in your niche? That'S good! What are the latest trends?


Okay, so this is giving you some really good information and there's probably no reason why you can't expand on this by clicking on this and hitting expand, and this will now give you a little bit more information and allow you to now add a bit more info To this section just here and you can do the same thing for all the points, one of the most popular things happening in your industry right now, what are the biggest trends? What are the biggest set changes making place taking place at in your niche? So, as you can see, all you really need to do is now click on this section here and it will then add information for you and you can turn that into longer content and, as you can see, i'm just not really doing too much just adding a Bit of extra content, as i highlight it, and it does it all for you, and that is super simple super easy. Now it's not taking long, and this is content gorilla, ai, i'm just going to quickly race through this finish it off and then i'll show you. The completed article once it's done, okay, so, as you can see, this has very quickly created a long-term content for me now i don't know how many words that is, i'm just going to do a quick count of how many words this is.


So let me just copy all of this and go down and we'll put this into a word document somewhere, and we will have a look at how many words this is okay. So what i'm going to do is i'm just going to go over here to review and go over here to word count, and it gives us 448 words now that didn't take me long to create and it did most of the work for me all i did Was just put in a little bit of information and then highlighted over the main points and then just filled it out from there. So there you have it. No, i don't want to save that, but that is how what it is. It'S really good, and it only took me a couple of minutes like that.


Only literally took me about probably 30 seconds to a minute to create all that. Not long and that's beautiful. That'S the beautiful part about this. Now this is called content gorilla, ai. The link will be in the description down below, i said: use the product code to get yourself 20 off now over.


Here is a video i believe you might like down here is a video youtube thinks you might like, and over here is an icon of my head. If you click on that you'll be able to subscribe all right guys. Thank you. So so much for watching and bye now,


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