hey guys henry here from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about how to edit an ebook from beginning to end so that covers one the first part is going to be about the editing the cover and the second part is going to be about editing the actual content and the third part will be about adding links to your ebook now if that's the sort of thing that interests you how about you smash the like button as well as subscribe to hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos now here product creation formula we love to give you tips and tricks to help you create your products quickly and easily along with that we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online so let's go over and check out how to edit the plr ebook all right now in this part of the video we're going to be looking at a plr ebook that i have just pulled out from my plr store webstar plr online now what i've done is i've just grabbed this one here so here's why people fail at internet marketing so let's have a quick look at that now we need to also make sure we look at the private label rights license on this one and as you can see the license is pretty darn good it's pretty much unconditional plr license here and as you can see can do anything with them you can dream up so yes you can do everything here that's what makes it so good okay now we now know that my license is fine to use so let's go have a look at the e-cover section so that's the first thing we're going to be looking at because this is the first part of the video we're going to be looking at the various things we've got here now you can have a look at the e-cover that they already have and you can choose to either oh just open it up and photo that'll do you can choose to either edit this particular one using photoshop or in my particular case i use let's have a quick look at that using wait for this to wake up come on wake you right here yes you skip okay why some people fail at internet marketing so as you can see this becomes an edible this is editable so to do that you just click on that and as you can see you have your different layers just here that you can work with if you wish to and on this one here i think this little one here you can move that around you can change things up a bit make it more unique you can find the various things you can change that around if you wish to and change the color scheme if you wish to as well i mean i would possibly not worry about that because you know you may or may not have the option to do that all depending i mean if i was going to try and change that up i'll see if i can first by clicking on that selecting it and if necessary even just removing that all together so you've got the option to do this this is the free option and you can make it that it's you know completely unique by changing things up and adding things to it and etc or you can do what i do and go to a different site i like to go to pixel studio fx now just to let you know that i use this one on a fairly regular basis but it is i have the i have a lifetime license to this one so i can use it anytime i want but unfortunately they don't offer that license anymore i got this when it first came out if you didn't grab this when you first came out you'll have to also pay you'll have to pay a monthly fee on this um i'm not sure what the monthly fee is however i will leave a link to it down below if you're interested in having a look at it anyway then you can have a look here and you can choose any one of these to do what you want and it's all about attitude this particular e-book and about how you know why some people fail at internet marketing so you can choose one about internet marketing and you can go through here and just check it out now we can say for example you can choose this one here let's click on that and you can choose the various files now i always like to have myself a front cover so i'd always use this one to start off with and click on that and by clicking on that it just double click it and it opens it up on this page just here and this will allow you to literally change it any way you want now i'm going to shrink this down a bit by hitting this button just here and shrinking that down and we can have a look here and you can see what the what the image is like and you can change it up i'm not a big fan of that font so what i would do is i would click on that go over here i'll choose a different font style so even though it's casual i would then change my font to maybe something along these lines move that more to the center and then i would change that here and say um the main reasons why and then here i'd click on here and double click on that some internet and then hit apply oops i forgot to hit apply on the top one there we go the main reason why and then hit apply and of course you can cap-lock that if you wish to but i'm just going to leave it like that some internet marketers marketers apply move that to the center and then right here you just have to go never succeed there we go hit apply and then you can scroll down you can add a buy or who yeah you can add something like that you can let me just expand that up so we can get a better view scroll that down and as you can see you can then put your name there if you wish to in my case it's henry webster and you hit apply now as i said don't like that font so i will change that type properly a bit by going up here and going to this one here and choosing that one there much better font and the best part about this is yeah we can change it up make it look a lot more interesting now i'm just going to shrink that down a little bit as it's a tad too big there we are and as you can see it's got everything there we need now you've now just changed the entire image you've now got a much more modern looking thing much more modern looking cover and when we go have a look at this by scrolling at the top we can now go save as we can change that to never succeed um some never succeed there you go and then you can save that you hit save and that will save it in this area here and then you can have a look at it and you can literally put this as the main cover on the front of your ebook let's do that let's download that now we'll be downloading that as a png we're going to be putting that into how to edit and rebrand your plr ebook and save that there and we're now going to go over to the ebook which is this one here and we're going to put it on the front cover here now first thing we need to do is take this down to a different page let's see what i'm doing so scroll down a bit make sure it goes to the next page there we go now let's go and i just have to extract this one first so extract all there we are and we can now open that up and if you want to we can now grab this and place it straight onto our word document and how we do that is we can have the word document open we can now grab that file and i like to grab the large one so it can be shrunk down if we have to and i'm going to just drag that over here and pop it straight on top of here and it will bring it over now this may have put it on another pages which it did and that's fine what we're now going to do is we're going to expand that up and see how it goes it may or may not like it yeah no it's not going to like it which is good because this gives me the opportunity to show you this layout here it is word tech word wrap wrap wrap text so we click on that and we go down here to behind text now as you can see it has brought that image up here now what we can do is we can drag that all the way up and the best part about this is it's reposit keeping the position of this image keep it over here click on that image and drag it all the way up to the top drag it all the way up now look at this you can actually do this we're going to grab this corner and take it up to the very top corner of this image drag it up to here take it over to the corner now come down to the middle drag that across to the very edge and we can do that to the very bottom as well if we need to we can drag that up and drag this up a little higher so as it fits the words where you want it drag that back down to the bottom oops take it up a little bit more there we are drag this across you may have to fiddle around with it a little bit but that's okay and bring that down a little bit to go to the bottom of the screen to that there so as it covers everything all the way off the screen a little bit there we go take it off a little bit there we are take it down just a tiny bit there we are and drag that to the very top you get the picture it's now done it's completely covered if you don't do behind the text you won't be able to do all that okay so that's now done now another thing you might want to do is to add a table of content now all these ones are already done as a heading one if you come over here to home you'll actually notice that when you click on that it's going to be that it's already hitting one so as you can see clicking on that it's already there so that's what you want so what we're going to be doing is we're going to go over here to references you go over here to references you click on table of contents and you can now choose a table of contents i'm going to choose that one and there we have a table of contents oops this one's gone over here too far let's bring that up to the top or we can just grab this and click on that it'll do copy that we'll cut that and we can put that down to the bottom here done that doesn't like it for some reason that's okay we'll bring we'll fix it up later there we are done and as you can see we now have a complete table of contents and of course we can fix that up by going like that and dragging that across it doesn't matter we'll fix that up later but that's the point i'm trying to say here we now have got the cover done and now it's time to work on the actual content okay let's go do that when it comes time to edit an ebook what i tend to do is i make sure i read an entire paragraph and then i recreate that paragraph directly underneath it now gone are the days when you used to be able to just have to edit maybe 30 of the ebook and then that would become unique in the eyes of google no google has become a lot tougher since then and you'll find that it's much much better to actually get in there and change the entire ebook what i do to do that is i click on this section just here and then i hit the enter button a couple of times and then what i'll do is i will reread this entire paragraph and then change it up a bit now i've already done that i'll just go ctrl v and i will put down here some of these points that i had already seen and as you can see that is this but broken up and you can also break it up to make it a bit easier by adding extra little paragraphs and it does make it easier for your reader to actually have a better hold of what's going on now let me give you a practical example of how i do that now i'm going to leave this paragraph as is and i'm just going to go underneath it and this is the area in which i'm going to be working and now what i like to also do is to highlight the area and make that bold and this tells me that is the one that i need to delete later on now have a read what it says business is a competition just like sports you don't go into the playing field assuming that your team will lose you don't let a few setbacks sour you on the entire game you give it or you give it your all until the empire blows the whistle and the game is over then there is time for regret but until then the game can always be turned around at the last minute now to say for example i would look at this and i'd read i'd read the first sentence business is a competition just like sports that's easy you can just turn that sentence around just like sports business is a competition full stop it says you don't go out onto the playing field assuming that your team will lose i think in this particular case i would say when you first go on to the playing field you go out there expecting to win uh there's a c you don't let a few sit back sour are you on the entire game the game is not spoiled because a few setbacks have come your way um you give it your all until the umpire blows the whistle and the game is over you give it everything you've got until the game is over and the final whistle has blown it says then there is time for regret but until then the game can always be turned around at the last minute last minute wins can happen if you don't give up and you just keep going because the game isn't over until it's over full stop so as you can see i've literally rewritten that entire paragraph it's saying virtually the same thing but it is not the same thing now another thing you're also going to need to do is change the title now i'm going to cap like caplock this it says your attitude is half the battle let's now go half the battle is your attitude oops i thought it kept like that half the battle is your attitude okay it doesn't seem to undo the cap locks that's okay we'll just get rid of that that's okay we'll just get rid of all that and as you can see you now have a unique title as well it says the same thing but it's changed it around enough to make it completely unique so as you can see i'm not just changing up a small section of this and what i also like to do is when i'm here i'd like to go here and just go down and make it easier for my readers to read by every s about every two or three lines breaking up like that and it makes it much much easier for my readers to actually read what's going on a positive attitude when you go into internet marketing is essential just like it is when you are competing in sports if you think you will fail you will there is no better self-fulfillment prophecy than anyone than someone who half-heartedly goes into business only to make excuses for why the business failed it didn't fail after they started doing it it failed the minute they didn't believe in themselves if you want the seminar and persistence to get into internet marketing and to be successful you have to understand that that there is that there will be setbacks but you have to be able to use everything as a learning experience to finally cross that finishing line or the finish line as a winner now that's there's a lot there but for the time of this video and so forth i'm going to choose not to do this right now yeah it says having a product i mean i could break this up into sections having a positive attitude when you go on going to internet marketing is essential well just a little bit here now i will do this to every single paragraph of this entire of this entire section so i would have changed everything so it's a completely new ebook and through doing that everything is going to be uniquely yours and the best part about it is it's in your voice it's in how you speak it and how you say things which means that when you have created a video course or anything around this it's essentially how you speak so therefore when you create your videos around this ebook that you're creating to either give away or to sell you're creating the opportunity to build on what you've already got and what you've already done okay i'm going to be quite brief on this particular section primarily because the video has gone on way too long already so what we're going to be doing is we're going to have a look at the linking of your ebooks now over here you might want to have a look at various things say for example not promoting your site you have to look at the various things set up an email signatures you might want to say for example if you have an affiliate link to somewhere like aweber you can add that to this section here or if you have an email account or if you have a link to say for example some sort of traffic source you can become an affiliate for you can do that um and so forth you can go through have a look along here and i think it also mentioned something about tracking so if you have a online tracker that you'd like to be able to promote and you can get an affiliate link for that then you can add that to this as well and as you can see they have already added the warrior forum and if you can have any sort of thing where you can link to say warrior forum or maybe jvzoo or clickbank or something along those lines and you might be able to add some links to that as well now they will help you to monetize your your ebook and make it so as your ebook can give you a second stream of income not just through the sale of your ebook but also through any clicks that they may do through it alright guys thanks for watching and make sure you if you like this video please make sure you smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos okay guys i'll see you in the next video thanks for watching bye for now you