How to Add A Dim Effect On a PowerPoint Slide

I just wanted to create a quick video show how to create a dim effect on PowerPoint so make your product creation look more professional. Please leave a comment below if you liked this video. Also if you would like to join John Thornhills Partnership to Success, then just CLICK HERE Also if you could […]

My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 13 Niche Selecton

To make my life easier and to make it so as to manage my time better I have decided to turn my blog that is about “My Experience With Partnership to Success, Day” into a Vlog. That is a video log for the uninitiated. so here it is  So for now, and into the […]

My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 12

Well, this blog has been a long time coming. It has been about 3 days since I did day 12. No excuses here. All I can say is that life happens and not everything works out the way you would like. Here is my excuse LOL. You see I also own a cleaning business and […]

My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 11

Today we were shown how to create a squeeze page using Optimizepress. Actually creating a squeeze page is easy if you do it the basic way. This was a really productive day today. I felt like I had achieved so much. I always do feel that way when I create something online.   John Thornhill […]

My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 10

Today in Partnership to Success, It is about “Winning The Email Marketing War”. In the image below, John is pointing out that email marketing is the number 1 most important thing to your success online is email marketing. One of the things that have held me back over the last 10 years, has been knowing […]

My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 9

Okay, I’m going to be upfront, I am a little bit behind on my blog posts at the moment. Life commitments are getting in the way. But you know what as John says “Don’t worry the 60-day challenge is just a guide to help you succeed faster” So I am not going to worry. But […]

My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 8

Wow, day 8, what a fantastic day. Today was a full-on day when it came to Partnership to Success. But it was totally worth it. Today we had to watch 17 videos. Today we made a squeeze page and then put that on our blog, we also linked the thank you page as well as […]

My Experience With Partnership to Success Day 7

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a week on Partnership to success already. It is so hard to believe that It has been seven days. Okay, so what did I learn today? Well, today was a rather productive day. I learnt how easy it is to put affiliate banners onto my site. John showed […]