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This ai generates pictures from a brief description now before we go ahead and have a look at that. I just want to let you know I'm henry from product creation formula and here at product creation formula. We love to give you tips and tricks to better help. You create your products quickly and easily, along with that, we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online. So if that's the sort of thing that interests you smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon.


So you can be notified when we upload more videos. Let's go check it out now. Here we are at Dal-e now, Dal-e literally allows you to be able to create images from text. One thing before you sign up to this: you need to make sure you get approved and to do that, you need to go on a waiting list. Now the waiting list is well for me.


it took a few weeks, so it may take longer for you. it may take less, I don't know how long it'll take, but I was actually approved and we can actually have a quick look at how to do this. Now before we do. You can have a look at the sort of things. it says an illustration of a baby Daikon radish in a tutu walking a dog, and these are some of the images you can get now.


Not only can you do it with that particular cartoon style, you can also do it as photorealistic as well. So you can go an armchair in shape of avocado and, as you can see, these are the various images you get. You can also say, for example with me I would say photorealistic armchair in the shape of an avocado or something along those lines down here. More yeah, a storefront that has a word openai written on it and all of these have that exact same cat on top of a sketch on the bottom. Okay.


So, as you can see the same cat and different sketches as you can go through, you have a look at the various things you can do with this particular one. You just give it a brief description. You can also talk about whether or not you want it as a Salvador, Dali type or Michelangelo painting, or whether you want to do it done as a drawing or if you want to do it as a photo, realistic, or even 3d. So you can do that. So let's go and have a quick look at this now I have actually got some people who have uh recommended some ideas and I'll be going through their ideas right now.


So let's go over here to darling. This idea has come from Maggie O'Neill and the idea is a witch dressed in black shopping for a dress on black Friday, so i'm going to get that idea, copy that and place that straight onto here. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Maggie. Let'S have a quick look at that and we can go generate now.


This won't take very long. it's actually, very surprisingly fast we have to do, is wait for this bar to come along and we can see how fast it is now. As i said, you can't sign up straight away, you will need to go on a waitlist and it may take weeks it could even take months or depends, but it's worth the wait in the end, but you also need to stick very, very close oops to their Rules because they're rules look at that there you go black Friday, flick Friday, okay, so she's dressed in black and she's dressing for she's. Looking for a dress. Now, let's make this a cartoon witch dress in black shopping for a black dress on black Friday.


Okay, let's have a look here: we'll wait for this to come back again, I'll just pause the video while we're waiting. Okay. So, as you can see, these are some really nice pictures now. One of the things I will point out to you is when I bring this one up: let's just click on that one for one second down the bottom, you'll see it's got like these little squares just here, it's got: yellow, blue, green. I think that's like a pinky red and then a blue again, that's actually their signature and that's to say that Dal-e created this, that Dal-e, it's based on the name of Salvador Dal-e, the artist so the that is a signature saying we created this and they highly recommend you keep that on there now you're not allowed to sell these images to anyone, but you can use them for your personal use.


Let's go have a look at the next suggestion. Now the next suggestion comes from a site called digitally marketing hard to say, but he suggested the word bowling, but I said to him that he probably needs to elaborate a little more. So I put a little bit of a suggestion here and one of the suggestions I put down was “chimpanzee bowling in a bowling alley”. Let's have a look at what that is now, I'm not going to be bothering about putting that as a cartoon. I'll.


Just see what it brings it up, it'll, it could come up as anything it could come up as a painting. it could come up as a three-dimensional thing. We could do 3d, chimpanzee bowling, and bowling alley. We'll have a look and see what it comes up with. Oh, look at that they did that as a photorealistic one that is so cool.


Okay, let's have a look and maybe go say: 3d, I'm going to put down the word 3d chimpanzee bowling and a bowling alley. Let's generate that and see what comes up now be aware: there are limits. Okay, you do need to stick to their rules really strictly now, I have to say I accidentally broke one of their rules. Yesterday i said i asked a question. I did something I was asking about politic.


Something political and one of the things you're not allowed to do is to ask anything political. Do anything, political about it. Okay, here we go look at that. Have a look at that bowling, chimpanzee bowling in a bowling alley. How good is that, that's in 3d?


Now we can also do let's make that um painting and we'll make this one uh, Michelangelo. Okay, that'll do painting Michelangelo chimpanzee bowling in a bowling alley and we'll have a quick look at what that's like I'll pause. The video till it's finished I'll have a look at that. That is so cool. This one looks like he's.


Actually bowling have a look at that that is so awesome. Okay. Now my last suggestion comes from a gentleman called TVR Creators, his name's Dave. He suggested the universe or objects like a camera, etc. i suggested how about a camera zooming through the universe, and i thought we need to be able to give this thing a little bit of a challenge.


So, let's copy that and i'll place that straight into here, we'll make it with a maybe make it photorealistic. Okay, we go photorealistic oops and then we will paste that here, “camera zooming through the universe”. Okay, there we go, let's hit generate and we'll see what this one's like. You can have a lot of fun. With this now be aware, you can only generate up to 50 images, so be prepared for that.


You can download these once you like them once you find the ones you like, you can actually download, download them and use them in your things like YouTube, videos, and so forth, but you cannot sell them. Have a look at that? Have a look at that. That is so cool photo-realistic or might even go 3d camera zooming through the universe. Okay, let's go generate and see what it comes up with huh, that's really nice!


You could have um yeah! No, that's! That's! Really! Nice have a look at some of these.


This one's cool and you can have a good look at some of these all right now, if I was going to be doing this, I'd use it for marketing. So I'd do something like a white car with a target on it. Okay, so a white car with a target on it and we can hit generate. I may have reached my limit soon, so we'll keep an eye open because there are. There is a limit.


So be aware of that. So I said the rules were that you're not to have anything rude, not to have anything political you're not to have anything, exploiting children not to be any hate or anything that's going to be causing any kind of harm. These guys are really pedantic about that. Oh, look at that. I would use something like that: targeted traffic, you want, you want traffic, that's targeted, so that would be something I would use.


Maybe even so targeted traffic would be there. Now, let's go audience target on top of an audience and we'll just wait and see what happens but, as I said, you do need to sign up on be on the waitlist. it could take a few weeks or even maybe a couple of months for you to get approved so we'll just have to wait and see there. You go. That's not quite what I was expecting, but, okay, that's probably the closest one, target audience yeah.


Okay! Oh, that's! Good! That's actually not too bad, so you can have a look through here. it's sometimes it doesn't necessarily fit what you're wanting to do here, I'm going to go “robot sitting at desk” and I'm going to make this “painting” and see what it comes up with.


Hopefully, I haven't run it. Oh here we go. I've reached my limit for 24 hours, okay, so there you have it so i thought I'd be coming close to my limit. I wasn't 100 certain if I would be or not, but anyway, I've got to wait till this time tomorrow, before I can play with this again anyway. That is Dal-e and I have to say it is a really fun one to do, and it's really intuitive.


As you can see – and you can use this to your heart's content, but you need to make sure you stick to the rules, nothing, political, nothing, rude or hateful. Anything! That's going to be detrimental to anyone, in particular, you're not allowed to upload images where you or someone else can be recognized and any images you do upload. You must make sure that you have permission to be able to upload those people's photos. Alright guys, if you like this video, please consider smashing the like button as well as subscribing and hitting the bell icon.


So you can be notified when we upload more videos, also, while you're at it. Why not consider, sharing and also leave a comment down below over here is a video I believe you might like down here is a video YouTube believes you might like and over here is a picture of it in my head and if you click on that, you'll Be able to subscribe, I just want to say thank you so much for watching and bye for now.


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