So who am I?  I’m a 56-year-old man the two boys and beautiful wife named Mandy. We live in Gladstone Queensland.

I am currently working in a major hardware company in Australia and I’m feeling burnt out and resentful of the work I am doing because I know I can be so much more. A few years back, one of my friends at work resigned from because her website brought in enough money for her to leave the job I hated.

That was when I got the idea to research how to make money online back in 2010.  I started online back in 2010. First of all, I was looking for Data Entry jobs and then found internet marketing

I bought a $30 course from somebody who had a product in ClickBank and started to watch. It fascinated because he explained things in ways that made no real sense to me.

He told me what to do, but not how to do it. This was frustrating for me because I spent money on this course. My passion to succeed online overrode my disappointment in that course.

I’d seen first-hand somebody leaving the employment that I hated and working from home doing what she loved. All the promises of easy wealth were at my fingertips, literally because of the keyboard. I bought into the lie that making money online only took 15 minutes a day.

So for three years, I searched. I got heavily involved in traffic exchanges and Safelists  I actually started making commissions for the first time using them. That was when I discovered an autoresponder I fell in love with. it was owned by a gentleman in England and he was charging $14.00 a year to run that site he showed interest in wanting to sell it. After having lots of conversations with him online he agreed to sell it to me for a very small amount of money he sold it to me with the subscribers already in there which by the way is worth its weight in gold.

I decided to change the price from $14.00 a year to $25 a year. This made no difference to the amount that was made. In fact, I made more sales increasing the price to $25 a year because I also increased commissions to people. This then inturned encourage people 2 sell my product.

I remember one time I decided I was going to test the list out with a cheap offer And I actually made two sales out of that. The reason I made two sales out of that was because i had a buys list people who are ready to buy because there was serious to want to succeed.

When I bought the autoresponder back in 2013 that was when I truly discovered what residual income was about.

I’ll never forget the day I woke up one morning and there had been four sales made that day from the affiliates inside the site.

Of course, I had to pay commissions but it was worth it in the end but I didn’t have to do anything to earn that money. That was when I first discovered residual income is real.

Earning money while you sleep was a reality at that point in my life.

You see I charged $25 a year for people to join this autoresponder. But unfortunately in the back office of the site, The back end would tell me people were due to renew their subscriptions within 3 months of the joining the site and no money was changing hands. So I constantly had a list of people that the back office said needed to be renewed.

So in the end after having to pay out lots of money in unearned commissions I ended up giving the site back to the person who sold it to me.

Since then I haven’t had much success. I know that I didn’t earn those subscribers that were in that list, in any residual income I got was based on the fact that I bought it, it was kind of like cheating, Because I couldn’t replicate what had already happened. the key to true online success is to be able to replicate the same results over and over again.

A few years ago I joined a coaching group. It only lasted 6 months much to my disappointment. I thought it would be at least a year. I won’t mention names but it was frustrating, to say the least. I had to get up at 3 am to sit in on conference calls to be told to create your product build a funnel find affiliates and grow to launch your product.

Don’t get me wrong some people had success with this gentleman who was coaching us, but I asked him would he promote our sites to his affiliates and subscribers because I heard that John Thornhill did that kind of thing.  He Unfortunately said no. Now I have to say I was very disappointed. After My 6 months were up, I had created a product and even a funnel. But then what. How do I build a list of affiliates?

After that 6 months, I gave up internet marketing for a while. I came back to it several times then I met a man online named Steven Alvey. Yes, THE Steven Alvey. I met him before He became big and made hundreds of thousands of dollars online. We often had silly little debates on religion. He believed one thing I believed another.

Anyway, I gave it up again for a little while but when I came back to it again Steve was about to be doing a pretty big launch. He made nearly $300000 from that launch in the end. He told me he credited his success to John Thornhill.

So now I am a member of John Thornhills Partnership to Success. I have a real peace about the next steps in my life. I got so excited I bought a second year by mistake. I don’t regret the decision. It is for 24 months now not 6 months like the other guy. The best part is that he promotes your launch to his affiliate and subscribers for you.

This is the kind of jumpstart you need to skyrocket your success to the stratosphere.

So if you ever find yourself wanting a coach who is there for you and wants nothing more than to see YOU succeed then check out John Thornhills Partnership to Success, you won’t regret it.

Till next time guys

Henry Webster