hey guys henry here from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about spin rewriter in fact it's going to be a review and not only that i'm also going to be doing a little bit of review on the plug-in they have as well now they're currently up to version 11. and the best part about that is they have really put in a lot of effort into this particular update now let's go and have a look at doing that but before we do just want to let you know here at product creation formula we love to give you tips and tricks to help you create your products quickly and easily along with that we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online so if that's the sort of thing that interests you how about you smash that like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos okay guys let's go check it out okay now here we are at spin rewriter now spin right has been as i said been around since 2011 it's been around for quite a long time now but the reason i'm doing the re to doing the review on this is they have done an update and the update is fantastic now they've got lots of different things like they've got a um they now have a wordpress plugin which is fantastic and it works really really well it's so for you can actually do things like change your articles around that or that you've already created now for my case of course we can use things like plr articles and we can rewrite and respin those now i do something a little bit different i don't just take the article and pop it back into an e-book and then just be happy with that i also change it around a little bit more allow me to show you what i do now in this particular case we hit the rewrite your article uh we'll just ignore that okay so right here i already have an article ready to go it's called 20 20 important uses for of plr right materials this is already a plr rights site so i've got plr rights to this one so i'm allowed to change the content of this one so i'm just going to go copy here and i'm going to copy that now one of the things we want to have a look at here is the settings now you can either change these around you can automatically rewrite sentences automatically rewrite entire paragraphs rewrite entire paragraphs and summaries automatically change the structure or phrase of the sentence now i think i'll just keep it that i don't like restructuring it primarily because if you've got something that's one two and three it changes it around but if you're wanting to make it a lot more unique you can use that as well now what the heck i'm going to do that anyway no in this particular case i won't because i have a reason why and i'll explain that reason a little bit later once i show you you can highlight sentences with your mouse to ensure to to insert alternative sentences okay we got that there we go oh before we do we can go over here to words and phrases now it has here recommended use synonyms now what i've done is already gone through some of these and i've already put down some of the words i want to exclude from being spun now in here these words will not be spun and they will be kept as the actual words that i want to use so for that reason i've purposely done that just so as to make it easier now if you want to have the most readable one you can click down here most readable only use cinnamon synonyms that are definitely correct okay so you can do that in fact that really is a good way of doing it now one thing i have to let you know that if you are going to do it this way this will give you the least act or should i say the least spun it'll be spun but it won't be spun anywhere near as much as what you will on this one or this one now just be aware that this one is not as readable this one here it's readable but not fantastic but this one here is definitely the most readable but unfortunately unfortunately it's also the least unique of them all however for this purpose i'm actually going to put it on most readable uh only use synonyms that are definitely correct now i'm going to go okay now right here i'm now going to enter my contact my ebook content so i'm just going to go ctrl v pop that in there now running right it's okay we might as well fix up some of these i have some there we go got it that'll do now i'm just going to hit rewrite article now what it's going to do is it's going to actually prepare it and start putting some syntax in there now the syntax will allow to be able to change it around and allowed to be able to say hey this is what is happening here and they give you lots of different versions lots of different words and eventually it'll become 99 unique as it continues through i've got the one click rear right there and as you can see 99 unique with billions of possible versions now we're going to just finalize this and in just a moment we're then going to hit the article and we are now going to see that we're going to generate a unique article now something i always do is i always hit this button right here which is compare side by side with the original article i'll show you why in a second if you go there now you see this has actually rearranged it i didn't want to rearrange it but i did it anyway but this is why i don't generally don't like rearranging it because it takes the first sentence out and just makes it too awkward and so yeah for that reason i'm going to go back to the settings and we can fix that up go back here one more click go back to the rewrite there we are go back to the settings okay that one there there we are and we'll just leave that as that okay make sure that that's correct advanced settings perhaps yeah that's all good now we can hit ok into that article again hits rewrite article once again we are spinning it so you have a few seconds to go so it won't take long but once it's finished it's going to be ready so we have to now finalize this once again i'll compare it side by side and you'll see the difference okay so go down here we can generate the article and we can compare it side by side it's 80 unique which means it's got a lot of stuff that is at least 20 of it needs to be changed so there's a great deal of ways to make cash online uh but one of the best ways i'm going to say one of the easiest ways one of the easiest methods is to use or make use of plr products peeler is the acronym for private labor rights or i can say private label plr stands for public labor rights if you've been included with uh if you've been around let's have a look here yeah if you've been around online marketing for any time for any time see is this this is why i haven't compared side by side because as i'm seeing it i can change it around and make it how i make it a lot more unique you see you can grab this article as is pop it into a pop it into a site but it usually won't read too well however you can change it around like this and this is way faster than having to actually write your own article but sometimes it's good enough to go hey i like that i'm going to keep it so we can have a look here um you know marketing for any time you are most likely currently acquainted and most likely acquainted with plr content if you aren't acquainted with private label rights then we'll get rid of that if you aren't then it's is time you were because that's the thing if you see things like it's you can always say it is you can change it around to make it a lot more unique doing that as well um then it is time you were products consist of master resource and now i personally chose those ones to stay in so i'm not going to change those and every other route you can think of yep that's cool um okay here we are it can be a bit complicated okay understanding what any of this means and how it will affect your bottom line okay it'd be complicated understand what some of this means and how it can affect your income okay so you can get the gist of what i'm trying to do here i'm going through i'm just changing it up a little bit doing a little bit of editing making it a lot more readable once i've done all that this will be a much easier or should i say a much better article than what it previously was and sometimes you'll find that some of your plr stuff that you get isn't that good and you really do need to change it up a bit so what i'll do once i've created this i'll then rearrange reorder some other things and make it a lot more unique that way and then i'll paste it into a new word document and through doing that i'll then be able to turn it into a unique product it only takes me probably half a day to do six hours will usually get me through an entire ebook and through doing that i can then have an entire product completely created ready to go just let you know that i will now own a private labor rights site myself it's called webstar plr now i'll tell you now the the private label rights that i put in here any of my own stuff is 100 unique from me it's not created by anybody else it's not spun content it's my content that i've just gone you know what this is what i'm creating i've learned it myself i've studied it myself i've created it myself and it will be going on to this site a lot of what we have here on this site website healer i have over 200 unique well i have over 200 not necessarily unique but i have 200 really good quality plr ebooks here and as you can see there's something around you've seen around like for example youtube authority you've probably seen this one and a few of these other ones around but they're in 10 different niches we also have bundle packs as well and you can choose to purchase them individually at 699 or 799 if you wish to or you can decide to upgrade and go to premium access which then costs 137 dollars and that is a lifetime amount so that'll cost you 137 for your for a lifetime and what is it 37 yes pretty sure it's 137 so it's 137 for life but then you can get you can download as often as you want now another thing i'm going to be doing with this site as time goes on i'll be adding things like low content plr as well as videos and so forth at the moment it's currently all ebooks but i'll be adding things like video courses as they have um that i'll also be adding things like website templates and so forth that you can then copy and paste things on from straight across to your web page so right now it's quite basic but as time goes on it is going to be improved and it is going to have included a lot more stuff so you'll see things over here on the left hand side where it'll say things like low content it'll say things like templates it'll also say things like video courses etc and up here you'll also see other things as well so you can also choose to become a franchisee if you wish to and that is 827 and i'll just go back here to the store i should say go back here i can show that to you here if you wish to become a franchisee that is 827 now if you decide to become an affiliate i will be putting an affiliate link up here if you decide that you want to become an affiliate you'll get for this particular one you'll get 25 and 50 for everything else if say for example people want to purchase these at a one-time price you get 50 of that if they wish to become pay for the premium access you get 50 of that okay so with that being said that's my plr site now you can use any of this content here and you can change it around using spin rewriter just like i showed you one more thing too by the way i have a competition going with this particular website now if you can leave a comment down below in my video what i'll do is i'll actually leave a if you i'll choose a comment from one of the videos that when i'm advertising this over the next two weeks and one lucky person will be given access to a lifetime membership to this site okay guys if you like this video please remember to smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos thanks for watching guys i'll see you next video bye for now [Music] you