hey guys henry from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about a review of content gorilla 2.0 now before i go ahead and do it i just want to let you know that here at product creation formula we love to give you tips and tricks to help you create your products quickly and easily along with that we do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online now if that's the sort of thing that interests you how about you smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you'll be notified whenever we upload more videos so let's go over and check out content gorilla 2.0 okay so what exactly is content gorilla and why is it so good for youtubes well a couple of reasons really firstly content gorilla will take your youtube video or any youtube video and it will transcribe it it will literally transcribe the entire thing and put it into text for you now if you have say for example a series or anything like that i can see that if you have a series of videos you can actually turn that into an ebook that you can then sell online another thing you can do is you can also post it straight to your blog and make it a blog post immediately now the best part about that say for example you've just uploaded a video and you want to be able to share it on facebook twitter or instagram you can do that as well because it has the facility to do that now let's have a quick look at some of the features that we've got here so we go here to features oh currently the price is uh at a reduced price let's pause this for one second ask me a question a question you probably get in this pandemic world there we go so we can scroll down and have a look at some of the things currently it is going up in price because we've just come to the end of the launch and it's quite good but they have a one-time offer instead of a monthly price and um i personally when i'm transcribing my videos i tend to use um Otter.ai because i can tran i can put it straight in there i don't have to go to youtube but if you're wanting to put this on your blog post from your youtube videos this is a really good way of doing it now over here as i said before some of the things is you can actually transcribe it as well as post directly to your website you can get the api key for youtube put that on there so your entire channel can be seen it also has other options as well i said it's got a wordpress plugin as well that you can plug into your wordpress site and it just makes life a lot easier for you let's have a look here what else does it have there we go you can also translate it into other languages if you want to and it's got a deep search filter so it'll it'll go through the internet and have a look at the various things that are there it'll also quickly convert with just one click now i have to say this is super quick it is so fast when i go to con when i go to auto dot ai to transcribe my videos it takes quite a while for it to transcribe the video and you'll find that it's often a few mistakes but so far from what i've seen on this yeah there's some mistakes but not very many in fact fewer mistakes on this than what there really is pretty much on anything else i've ever seen the transcription of this is amazing now i will say i am a bit disappointed that i can't upload directly from a video that i have on my desktop somewhere say for example i've just created a video and i would like to have it go on here transcribe it before i upload it onto youtube i can't do that it doesn't give me that option Otter dot ai does but this one doesn't but you know outside that this is still a really really amazing piece of software because as i said before not only can it do that it can also spin your article as well or your thing if say for example you want to have it posted onto a site you can then spin the words that it produces so as it gives you a more unique content and this way when it goes onto your blog post you're not just uploading somebody else's content say for example you have i don't know someone wants something of sean cannell and you have a your website is about youtube and you have a video of sean cannell teaching you something what you can literally do is post this onto your site after you've spun it and this way you have a more unique content and you're not taking directly from the video and therefore you're not going to be penalized by google and it has that option which is really really good and your it makes it easier for you to get good content for your blog post as well as for any other site you'd like to put that video onto now personally what i like to do is use my content and turn that into an ebook and this is going to make my life so much easier by having this as content that i can create that i've done all i have to do is put it in a few seconds later it turns it into a document now let's have a quick look at this this is um one right here now let's go over to youtube for one second and i'm going to bring up one of my own videos so i'm going to grab this particular one go down here and i might choose this one here click on there pause this for one second go down here and i'm going to of course grab my share link it's still waking up so it might take a few seconds for it to do this there we go copy that and all i need to do now is go here go ctrl v paste it in and hit search now what's going to happen is it's going to find the video directly for me and all i have to do is create posts now watch how fast this is go create post and this is incredibly fast now if you know anything about Otter.ai it literally takes minutes to create this and this has only taken me seconds to create that now another amazing thing it's got it allows you to be able to correct grammar so it'll correct the grammar for you which is really really awesome and then you can spin the content as i said before to make it a much more unique site now let's go over here you've also got your tags for that video and that's something you can use and also you've got a featured image which is this one here and if you want a syndicate if you want to do syndication you've got this option which i don't do and then we can publish it now four best video editing software's this one here's five this one's a different one altogether this one here i have to say this is perhaps a little bit funky but i'm going to see if i can publish this anyway onto various sites changing the name if i if i'm able to it hasn't let me change the name so that is an issue for this not sure how to do that but anyway i'm going to try and see if i can post it i'm going to include this in the post and i'm going to hit publish wait for it to finish its thing and it does take a couple of minutes but once it's finished publishing we'll have a look at the site and we'll have a look at the content that it's created let's pause the video while it's doing this didn't have to it's really already okay so it's published that's fantastic let's have a look at the site so let me go over here i'm going to grab go to my site go to my posts all posts there it is and here it is right here five free stock video sites for 20 20 20 21 and we can have a quick look at this and now i would strongly suggest you edit this so let's just have that open up in another site there we go i would strongly suggest you do things like edit it and you can also put your headings in there and you have various other options you can choose so you can change it up a little bit make it a bit easier to read and get rid of that it doesn't need to have that there and yeah it's easy enough to fix it up and yeah just change it up a little bit make it a bit nicer and make it a little bit easier so i'm going to update that and we can have a look at what this actually looks like okay so let's open this one up in a new tab there we are and we can have a quick look at what it said what it looks like okay so this is the original site with the backing background image on it and there we have the video that you can play along if you wish to and then you've got all this down here and then you've got all your tags which is amazing which is also going to help to optimize your site so yeah this is a really really cool piece of software and i have to say i love it this is something i'm going to be using every time i create a video because every time i create a video i'm going to be putting this in here and then i'm going to create a i'm going to cut and paste and copy a lot of that information and put it straight into either my blog post or put some of it into my description box down below so as it's optimized okay guys thanks for watching and i just want to say i hope you enjoy this video i'll be leaving a link for this down below and i'll see you in the next video thanks for watching bye for now you

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