[Music] hey guys henry here from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about four of the best free video editing softwares that are on the market at the moment now before we go ahead and do that just want to let you know here at product creation formula we love to give you tips and tricks to help you create your products quickly and easily along with that we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online so if that's the sort of thing that interests you how about you smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos okay guys let's check it out right now all right now in this part of the video we're going to be having a look at the very first one which is the biggest and probably even the best and that is davinci resolve 17.

Now davinci resolve 17 is definitely the best of the best when it comes to this sort of thing it is feature packed and it is so full of features it's incredible let me just run through a couple of the features for you and that is it has advanced trimming as well as multi-cam editing color correction and apparently the color correction in this is phenomenal as well as audio mastering and it also has an intuitive interface and incredible color correction now that's all the pros but the con there is there are some cons in this because of its huge array of various features it makes it's a bit overwhelming and you really do need to you know it's a bit of a it's quite a learning curve in this one so let's have a quick look at this particular one now this is davinci resolve now i have to say i'm not that good at this particular one and they all this one accepts also mp4 as a format and to be quite honest i haven't really been able to figure out how to use it properly because it's that complicated and i always thought i was you know so so at video editing but yeah this one confuses me a little bit so if i decided to ever spend the time on learning this then it would certainly be worth my while checking out but right now because i'm busy creating videos all the time on youtube i decided that this is not something i'm going to be putting my time into for now maybe later on now the next place i can go to check out is called open shot now open shot's been around for a while and it is also completely free now it's got unlimited tracks and layers the clip sizing is scaling trimming and snapping rotation and cutting video transitions with real time previews composing image overlays watermarks title templates title creations subtitles 3d animation titles and effects advanced timelines including drag and drop scrolling panning zooming and snapping now the pros for this is it's open source and it has unlimited layers the cons there's not that many video tutorials out there but this is great for users who just want who is just starting out and in editing and it's a way that you can learn how to do your editing fairly easily and that particular one is this one here now it's apparently it's fairly easy to use i haven't actually used it myself i've just uploaded some videos here and i believe it's not that hard to figure out but the best part about it it's free so yeah there's no upgrades or anything like that because it's open source now the next one we're going to be looking at is hit film express now hit film express it has advanced cutting tools keen for green screen effects as well as audio and video filters and composing tools layers and masking as well as 3d video of support now the pros for this particular one are really professional looking videos without the price tag and that's the best part about this but the cons is that it may take some time to learn the interface as i said it's it is a little bit funky it's a little bit confusing and you know i'm looking at this going um i'm not even sure what these little arrows and so forth before to be quite honest i'm assuming it's something to do with the clip speed i'm not sure i haven't i'm not game enough to try it yet because i haven't i don't even know what it's for so hey guys okay i can't even see anything moving creation formula okay i have no idea so yeah and the last but not least is shot cut now shortcuts most striking feature are 4k higher definition resolutions support and is timeline editing not many free video editors offer 4k resolution support plus shortcut doesn't require you to import your videos into an editor this can be a time saver if you're dealing with a large video file now the pros to this is native timeline editing and 4k resolution support the cons it's a bit quirky of an interface it may be a bit off-putting for some users now let's have a look at that one wait for it to wake up so yeah it's a bit quirky apparently and it's a bit unusual so hey guys henry from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about spin rewriter in fact and there you can see what i've done here they all use mp4 and that's really fantastic because most people will be recording on mp4 at some point now i'll leave the links for these in the description down below now just to let you know too that i also have my very own plr store and i just want to let you know i've got a competition going right now and i'll leave a link for you to go down to and when you watch that particular video what you need to do is you need to make a comment down below and the winner that will be announced on the 13th of december will be given lifetime access okay guys if you can just um jumping down to that particular one check out that particular video leave a comment down below don't make it spammy just just comment down below and i'll be able to choose from that particular video all those who want to be part of that competition okay guys thanks for watching and bye for now [Applause] [Music] you