Hey guys henry from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about five places you can go to get royalty free videos that you can either use in your course or for your b-rolls now before we go ahead and do that i just want to let you know here at product creation formula we love to give you tips and tricks to help you create your products quickly and easily along with that we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online so if that's the sort of thing that interests you how about you smash the like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos okay let's head on over and check it out okay now the first site we're looking at is a bit easy now van eazy has both paid and free sites and they work on a credit system say for example you ought to go the purchaser credits this one here is maybe yeah it's one credit and you can download that and you have to purchase the credits as you go along which means you need to sign up so 10 credits is worth 49 5 credits 39 and you got one credit for 19 obviously 49 is the best value and they're trying to recommend you do that because that will give you more credits no doubt however but if you're like me and you're a small youtuber who hasn't started making money on their channel yet you might be better off sticking with the free options say for example this one here and as you can see the ones that are that are not free the ones you have to use credits for have the term pro across the corner just there and as you can see it's a free download i'll have a look here and see if you need to attribute anything here it doesn't look like you need to okay you don't need to attribute it to anyone either which is even better okay the next one we're going to be looking at is vedivo now videvo it's also another really good one as well it's obviously free as well and we can just go here backgrounds i'm going to choose to go say something like relationships instead let's have a look at relationships because i want to be able to find someone say for example i'm wanting to talk about something about love or something which is about people being close to each other or whatever it happens to be it might also be about something that's um fun or whatever and you can have this couple walking down the street holding your hands or you might be you know about love or you might want to grab something like that there's lots of different options you've got here but the thing is you don't have to go for the ones that are watermarked as you can see the watermarked ones you need to pay for because they're a premium option as you can see just there they're actually premium and these ones you'll need to purchase now if we click on that we'll have a look at how much it is and let's say for example we want to go 4k and we can see what it is and no thanks i'll do it later and you can just choose what you want but obviously you have to pay for it as you go but you also do have your free options and that's really really important say for example you want the ones that don't have that watermark on it you can go through and you can find the ones that don't have it like this one here a couple other fountain that's actually a beautiful one and click on that and this one should be a free download because it said the word free on there and here it is now the next one i want to have a look at is life of vids now this is also another free one of course and as you can see you can go through and have a look at the various views now you can press play to have a look at what this one's about and you can see what's going on and that one's fairly boring but you've got a couple of people there you can see there's actually a video and it looks like this one here is watermarked with the video words on it if you go over here and press play there we go and as you can see oh no that's not the watermark this just happened to be that that was in the way so yeah these are the ones you can use and you can download these now another option you have of course is perhaps one of the biggest ones on the web this is second to none in the size of it and the best part about this one is every one of the three called pixabay now pixabay has been around for quite a while and it's one of the better known ones now let's have a quick look here and you may or may not be aware but pixabay isn't just about images in illustrations it also has videos and music and vector images as well now let's have a quick look here let's go say for example uh sad sadness all right have a look at that and see what comes up with sadness and you can have a look at the various ones now be careful because sometimes pixabay sneaks little eyestock images in even though they're gorgeous you'll need to pay for those and vim and this is how pixabay make their money through highlighting these ones first so people can purchase these and they get a commission but if you want to have a look at the ones that they actually do they're just a bit below it and you can see them here and you can see the various things that you know indicate sad and so forth like for example this one here let's have a quick look oh yeah it's some very uh there's some good ones here that you can look at and it'll be ones that you can showcase if you wish to now the last but not least is pixels now i use pixels probably more than any of the others because i know don't just have this channel here i also have a channel for meditation and deep sleep that's what it's actually called and it's called meditation and deep sleep and i have various videos on that i've got about four videos on that one i think so i don't i'm not really heavy on that one but for example you want to have night sky [Music] and you'll have a look at that and you want to see what's coming up there you can have a look at the various videos on night sky or say for example um river you have a look at the river banks let's have a look at the various things with rivers and water running and yeah you can have water running in the background with a bit of music if you wish to or just a bit of water running in the background and sometimes people like to listen to white noise when they go to sleep i like to listen to white noise when i go to sleep so you know you can create something like this one here and of course it's free and you don't need to attribute it to anyone now i'll just wait for that to stream i'm just going to pause the video for a second and there you have it or even has the music it even has the sound connected to it that's even better you have the sound already pre-connected to it it makes it so much easier you don't have to worry about it too much and it goes for about 30 seconds i would say and then of course you just do it and repeat until such times as you have it completely finished okay but not all of them have sound of course there are obviously some that don't have sound and they're just plain water rushing without sound if you don't want the sound and you have your own sound effects even better as you can see this one has no sound whatsoever okay well if you like this video please consider smashing the like button as well as subscribing hitting the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos hey guys also too while you're at it why not consider sharing okay thanks for watching i'll see you in the next video bye for now [Music] you

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