hey guys henry here from product creation formula in this video we're going to be talking about five of the best free hosting sites that are online at the moment now these are sites that have no watermarks and they're also free completely 100 so before we go ahead and do that i just want to let you know here product creation formula we love to give you tips and tricks but it'll help you create your products quickly and easily along with that we also do product reviews as well as tips on how to make money online now that's the sort of thing that you're interested in how about you smash that like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos hey and while you're at it why not share this way other people can get the benefit of the video too alright guys let's head on over and check it out now [Music] now if you're just starting out or you already have a lot of expenses that you don't want to be spending too much money on these options could well be what you're looking for now let's have a look at the first one which is called infinity free now i'll be leaving a link in the description down below it's not an affiliate link so um i won't be getting anything from this if you do join up if you do decide to pay for any of their services but if you they decide to go to the premium hosting that is but if you decide to go with your free there it is as i said none of these links are affiliate links so but they're going to be in the description down below all right so the first one we're looking at is called infinity free and as you can see it says free unlimited website hosting completely free website hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as things like it's powered by the ifastnet and they also install 400 different applications including wordpress now unlimited storage in this case if you look at the terms of service it's more like unmuted rather than unlimited now the difference between unmeted and unlimited is they do have a limit on their bandwidth and that is if you put use too much of it all at once say for example you have a big launch and you have hundreds of people suddenly rock up they will this will hinder unmeted will hinder your your launch primarily because it will slow things down it will it will glitch things will be a bit of a problem for you and it'll be hard for anyone to get onto your website so when you look at the terms and service it's probably more like a unmeted rather than the actual unlimited but it does have mysql database as well as well as knowledge base support and wordpress installation and has no ads on the main website and no watermarks which is also really awesome but there are some downsides so let's have a look at some of the downsides well firstly don't there's no domain registration on this one so you have but you can use a domain name from another registrar like namecheap or somewhere like that now also too you'll see ads in your cpanel as well as in the back end of your wordpress site but if you don't mind that you can get a yeah you can go around that you don't have to be doing anything to their sites you don't have to be clicking on in the ads if you see anything unless you want to of course also too there's been some research done by another youtuber who i was watching recently and he was saying that there is approximately two hours two hours a week in downtime on this site not guaranteed but from what you can see and from what he's seen through the site it can be estimated that around about it'll be down about two hours a week and that's not cool that's not cool for any site also too they state that in the terms of service they may sell your data now legal reasons i can't say they definitely will but they will say they might sell your data because they say they do share your data so be aware that there is that issue with this one but they also another con is that they don't have live support they only have knowledge based support now if you happen to come into a curly situation where you want to do something that is out of the ordinary and they don't have any information on how to do it then you're going to be stuck unless you can find somebody who knows a lot about hosting sites who can get around the situation all right now the next one we're going to be looking at [Music] is triple o triple zero web host by host singer now hostinger is is really really good it's quite a reputable website it's quite cheap as well and that's what makes it really really good now you get the option to have one website yeah but there's no sub domains you do get 300 megabytes of disk space one mysql database a community forum with no live support though but that's kind of expected wordpress installation which is awesome xyro website builder as well if you don't want to be going to use wordpress and they don't ask for any credit card details now also too that if say for example you decide that you're going to that you need more power you can upgrade to hosinger for like it's a really cheap price so it's like 99 cents a month or something like that it's really cheap so you've got that option as well now the cons you will see ads on your wordpress dashboard yeah that's that's a given b and there's also no sub domains where that can be a bit of an issue is for some sites you don't get a free domain unless of course it is ending in triplowwebhost.com that's what it will end in right there so if you don't care about that then that's cool as well and as i said before there's no live support so that's a con for this one that's a down for this one it's not a con but it's just it's a down thing you don't have any life support however if you want to go for the paid ones as i said if you want to go 99 cents a month for hosting or if you want to get something a bit more powerful you can get that i mean let's face it 300 megabytes a month is practically nothing seriously it is almost non-existent i i personally would never use this one because 300 mega megabytes a few photos and you've taken that up really it's not that good now the next one we'll be looking at [Music] is award space where our news turned into websites that's awesome and i love that anyhow awards space offers one website as well as three sub-domains which is really good one gigabyte of disk space which is way better than the other one five gigabytes of bandwidth which is also pretty good as well mysql database and 24 7 live chat so these guys actually have live support now the cons to this is that they have 5 000 visitors a month they only allow 5 000 visitors a month and but you do have to also pay for a domain name on their free plan if you decide to go with their free plan you have to pay for a domain name that's okay though and they only have three sub domains i mean when you look at sub domains three subdomains is not a lot and if you want to have it going off to different different domain names then it's going to be a bit difficult all right now the next one we're going to be looking at [Music] is called free hysteria now free hercia sorry free free host dia now if we host here has you are allowed to have five websites although there's no sub domains but i think the five websites can can actually um compensate for that you've got 250 megabytes of disk space which as i said is not much at all six gigabytes of bandwidth which is pretty good one mysql database frequently asked tickets uh you also got a frequently asked question section as well as a ticket support system which is pretty good and wordpress installation now as i said all of these sites not one of them gives you watermarks which is really good i said the cons is no sub domains also 250 megabytes of disk space yeah it's not great but no life support either but you as i said you can open up to tickets which is okay now let's also go to the last one [Music] which is called surprising enough called free hosting now you get one website no sub domains 10 gigabytes of disk space unmeted bandwidth now i'm glad they mentioned unmetered because unmeted is as i said before different to america unlimited one mysql database uh ticket support system which is okay one time build add-ons so in other words with this particular one if you want to buy any add-ons you can actually just buy them for a one-time price which is excellent so you can get say for example an add-on that you want to have that you don't get with the free system and you just pay one time and it's yours to use on the site as often as you want and for as long as you want which is actually pretty good and also has wordpress installation now the cons i said no subdomain names that is always a bad thing and no life support and also it's only unmeted database i mean unmuted bandwidth which is not fantastic yeah so these are the main cons to this particular site as they do have they do actually have paid hosting as well and they all come with cpanel and they all come with wordpress installation now be aware that none of these have ads on any of the sites and none of them have watermarks so on your actual website your website will be completely ad free they won't be showing any of their own ads on any of the site only on the back end inside your wordpress website as well as on your cpanel but if you don't mind that these are fantastic options that you can try and use anytime you want okay guys if you like this video why not smash that like button as well as subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos okay guys thanks for watching i'll see you in the next video bye for now [Music] you