Wow, day 8, what a fantastic day. Today was a full-on day when it came to Partnership to Success. But it was totally worth it. Today we had to watch 17 videos.

Today we made a squeeze page and then put that on our blog, we also linked the thank you page as well as a confirmation page to Aweber and put it on our blog.

While I was watching the videos, I was incredibly tired at the time. I managed to get everything done, but I found myself taking longer than I maybe should have.

I was so tired; I did not even write my day eight blog because my mind was swimming after watching all those videos.

I am going to have to watch it again because I did not follow the steps in my mind as well as I should have.

The full process went something like this:

Step 1. go to Optimizepress, choose a template, then find the “thank you” page, and click on that.

When you join Partnership to Success he allows you to have one of his ebooks to give away as a lead magnet. It is called “Why You'll Never Succeed Online.”

Step 2. Edit the page to let people know that they will be receiving an email with the download link Step 3 choose another template and make this the download page.

Step 4. Get the link from each page and put them in a text document with a name for each page, for example, thank you and confirmation or download.

Step 5 Link your “thank you” page to Aweber,

Step 6 Write your first email and put the download page into the email.

Step 7. Place the download onto the download page and add a link that is going John Thornhill's webinar.

Step 8. Put in your squeeze page the product that John has given you onto your blog.

Step 9. Add the email sequence to Aweber.

step 10. Test

I am pretty sure I have put things in the wrong order, and I'm pretty sure I have not covered every aspect of what has happened on day 8.

As I mentioned earlier, I was incredibly tired so tired in fact that I didn't even finish putting all of the email sequences into Aweber.

What I'm planning on doing after this blog, is to finish off adding in the email sequence. ( by the way, this blog is being added on day nine not day 8, that's how tired I was. And the links that are attached to the autoresponder called Aweber.

So if you would like to learn more about Partnership to Success, then click here.

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Hey while you're at it why not grab a copy of the free ebook that John let us have it's free for you.



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