Today we were shown how to create a squeeze page using Optimizepress.

Actually creating a squeeze page is easy if you do it the basic way.

This was a really productive day today. I felt like I had achieved so much. I always do feel that way when I create something online.


John Thornhill from Partnership to Success Shows how to not only create a squeeze page but to link it to the Confirmation Page to our autoresponder as well as link our autoresponder to a download page which also has a button that directs people to John's free webinar. Johns webinar then eventually links to him speaking about Partnership to Success. This is good as it will lead to commissions to me if anyone decides to join his awesome coaching.

Next, we linked to the welcome email which is where the download page is with the webinar on it. This then links to the download page which also has a link to the free webinar.


It felt like a really productive day when it came to creating something.

I was thinking about Omar Martin and his wife as well as my good friend Steven Alvey. How did they become so successful online? I didn't know Omar at all before he became big. But I did know Steven Alvey. I know that with Steven Alvey he stayed focused and organised. I assume he divided his day up to various tasks. I'll have to ask him how he managed to create so many products.

I have two Facebook accounts. One for my personal social, religious, political views and one specifically designed for my online business. I will not speak about my religious or political views on my business account as that is not going to help me in my business. So I am going to keep them separate. I have a little blurb about my religious affiliation in my FB bio and that is as far as it goes.

So my point is, I should become organised and designate a certain amount of time on FB, and another amount of time, on watching John Thornhills Partnership to Success videos, and while I am doing that I should implement what John is saying as he says it. I am also quite behind in my blog posting too. So I need to organise my time to do that too. Then I need to go to bed much earlier than 2 or 3 am. That isn't healthy.

As of today, I am going to Grab my diary and designate time to do the various things I need to do to move forward. This will help me to remain focused and motivated to keep going.

I will create my schedule something like this

  1. 8 am, write my blog.
  2. 9 am, re-watch yesterdays videos.
  3. 10 am, Have a coffee and spend time on my business Facebook page, helping people, offering advice as well as posting relevant things like inspirational images, saying, or something funny that is about internet marketing.
  4. 10:30 am, have a coffee and read a positive thinking ebook. or listen to an audiobook.
  5. 11:00 am, Spend time researching PLR Products to create.
  6. 11:45 am, take a 15-minute break.
  7. 12 pm, I don't eat lunch. So start to create a portion of the product. Maybe PowerPoint slides, or how-to videos, or even transcribing a past video. Use Grammarly to help with punctuations and grammar.
  8.  2:30 pm, Watch John's new video for the day and implement them as he teaches them. that is the time it usually arrives.
  9. 4:30 pm, take a break. for half an hour.
  10. 5:00 pm, continue to create the product.
  11. 6 pm, have dinner. do dishes
  12. 7:00 pm, continue to work on the product
  13. 9 pm, stop for the day have a show and get ready for bed.
  14. 10 pm, bedtime.

Well I know that is a tight schedule but If I can do it, I do believe I will achieve so much. I know life will get in the way occasionally, and I won't be able to stick to this perfectly But in a perfect world, I will be able to do this. I know that I have to work on Wednesday to Friday so that schedule just isn't going to work on those days. But from Saturday to Tuesday it should work fairly well.

Although today, I will have to go out to the chemist to buy some medication and I have already gone over my blog creation time because I started late today.

Today is Tuesday so I will implement this next week. I will have an adjusted version of this schedule for the time I am working. I don't leave for work till 12:30 pm. So I will write up one that will work for that time.

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