Okay, I'm going to be upfront, I am a little bit behind on my blog posts at the moment. Life commitments are getting in the way. But you know what as John says “Don't worry the 60-day challenge is just a guide to help you succeed faster” So I am not going to worry. But I will say I am sorry that I haven't written for a couple of days, I've had to work.


My blogs might get a little behind between Wednesday to Friday because that is when I have to work. that is not a complaint it just giving you information. So let's get started.

Phew, Today is a much easier day. Just one video to watch and learn from. It was about blogging into the future.

We had to submit our blog to Johns Thornhills Partnership to Success blog Directory, That was really painless. Just submit a couple of details and it was done.

Now today in Partnership to Success he spoke about making sure we post regularly on our blog, and to always make sure our posts are up to date.

He also mentioned we should always use images to help enhance our blog post and try and write only a couple of lines per paragraph as it makes it easier to read.

By having shorter paragraphs, it also means that people will be more inclined to come back and read your blogs again, and again.

So from here on I will try and keep my paragraphs fairly short so it is easier to read.

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