Well, this blog has been a long time coming. It has been about 3 days since I did day 12. No excuses here. All I can say is that life happens and not everything works out the way you would like.

Here is my excuse LOL.

You see I also own a cleaning business and last week they did a bond clean. Two days ago I heard that the real estate was not happy with the clean that my cleaners did.

As part of the service, they get 1 call back if necessary. Usually, it isn't necessary.

But I had one of the girls who did the cleaning who was meant to do the call back suddenly call up sick. I couldn't get anyone else to do it because I would have to pay a third wage when I only got paid for tow cleaners.

MMM not going to happen.

So, as the owner of the business, I had to take my internet marketer hat off and put my cleaner hat on. Which by the way if you are unaware how long it takes to do a bond clean, it takes all day with two people.

Needless to say, yesterday was a write off when it came to writing here. Hahaha, get it, “write off”. because I could not WRITE in my blog, because I was OFF elsewhere cleaning, Lol.  I know that was a really bad dad joke. Speaking of which check out my channel Dangerous Dad Jokes and Punisable Puns

Hum hum, enough frivolity,

What was day 12 about on Partnership to Success? It was about Niche research. John got us to download a heap of stuff to fill out about Niche selection and drilling down to the sub-niche you want to work on.

The Questions were

  1. 10 Topics covered on my Blog
  2. 10 things I'm good at
  3. 10 things people say I'm good at
  4. 10 things I enjoy doing
  5. My 10 favourite Websites
  6. 10 topics I'm interested in
  7. 10 core topics
  8. 10 sub-topics

I didn't actually fill that out because I already know what I am going to do. I am going to create a package of PLR products around the internet marketing niche.

Things like Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube Traffic, Facebook Traffic and Solo ads marketing.

It is so much better to promote something that people already want than to promote some obscure niche.

Speaking about promoting let me tell you about John Thornhills Partnership to Success. I believe that John has your best interest at heart and wants you to succeed. So he will partner up with you to help you not only create a product to launch he is also going to promote you to his army of affiliates as well as promote your launch several times in the lead up to the launch. If you would like to have John Thornhill personally help you then visit Partnership to Success by Clicking Here

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