Wow, I can't believe it has been a week on Partnership to Success already. It is so hard to believe that It has been seven days. Okay, so what did I learn today?

Well, today was a rather productive day. I learnt how easy it is to put affiliate banners onto my site. John showed us how to get the Ambassador link and begin to start to promote that on our blog. Which is right for me considering I am blogging about my experience with Partnership to Success.

Oh, one more thing it's a little off-topic, but I asked John if it was okay to take a screenshot of the training page and use that as an image on my blog. I mentioned I would block out the links. Not only did John say yes to allowing me to use the images he also allowed me to show the links. Not only that he also encouraged me to create a video and put that on my blog. I also shared it on Facebook today too, (with my link in the YouTube description of course).


Another thing John allowed was, he said I allowed to use the images with the menu links showing.

So instead of having an image with the links blurred out like this one:


I'm now allowed to show links to Partnership to Success like this one.

Well, it makes my life easier.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Today was exciting as we also were allowed access to WP-Speedy Link. What it is, is a plugin that will enable you to put keywords in and it then searches your blog and places your affiliate link in wherever it finds the keyword on your website. I am using it as of today. The keywords I am using are Ambassador and Partnership to Success.

Okay, what else did I learn today?

Well, I also learned how to add a link to my banners on the site. Like the one below.


Another thing I learnt today was how to put social media buttons on my site.


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