In recent years Artificial intelligence or AI for short has taken the world by storm.

AI has started to go into Cars, Fridges, our smartphone

We use ai every day even if we don't realize it. if you have ever looked anything up on Google then you have used an ai. you see even the Google algorithm is a form of AI.

In the online world, AI is showing up in things like content creation. Artificial intelligence that can write fairly decent sales copy.

Some content writers can even write entire blog posts.

Not this one though.

This blog was written entirely by me.

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But in this blog I would like to introduce to you an ai that can create an entire video using just text.

The site I am speaking about is called Pictory. All you need to do is add text and hey presto its artificial intelligence will work its magic and create a video that you can use for your video course, or YouTube videos.

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In fact I made a video the other day. You can even use the artificial intelligent text to speech is you wish to.

Below is a video where I created a video, and I used my own voice as the voice as the voiceover.

Check it out below. I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to get your hands on Pictory, then click the button below.

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