One of the biggest challenges for a product creator is to create a decent ebook.

Depending on who you speak too, ebooks are either considered a cheap easy resource to give away or a lucrative industry that can make a good author a millionaire.

Whichever way you see it, it is certain that ebooks are here to stay. If you consider ebooks sold on kindle they sell anywhere from .90c to $30+ each.

It can be daunting for some people to just sit down and start writing. Personally I hate doing that and I prefer to make videos any day. I can create a 30-minute video easily and it only takes a couple of hours from creation to final edited instructional video.

What if I told you, you could combine the two to be able to create an epic ebook designed to help your audience be both engaged and eager to read your ebook, as well as invested in watching your videos too?


Well, you can. It is called transcribing your video. Once you have created and edited your video you can then upload it into a website called and then you can wait for the magic to happen. Within 10 minutes of uploading your video, you will have an extremely accurate transcription of your video.

Now it is not perfect so you will need to do some editing but take heart because editing in is a breeze.

You listen as it goes over the text and highlights the words it heard. You can then remove any stutters and mistakes that you made as you listen to your video. Depending on the length of the video will determine how long your transcript will be.

But needless to say that if you transcribe your video you can not only have an awesome ebook, but you can also have something to put into the description box of your YouTube video too. You can add them together to create an entire ebook. It is so easy.

Another thing you can do is create a webinar and then you can turn that into an ebook too. Webinars are great because they often go for over an hour with a boatload of content. You can easily have a 20-page ebook completed with an hour-long video.

If you were to write that yourself, it would take a fast typer around two hours to complete that. but if you're like me and a slow typer then it can take you around 3 to four hours to write 20 pages. However, if you use to transcribe it for you it only takes around 15 minutes to transcribe it and maybe around an hour and a bit to edit.

So as you can see it is a much faster process than what it would be if you decided to write it from scratch.

Speech To Text

Another way you can speed up the process of creating an ebook is to use what is called a speech to text software. One of the oldest and best known (as well as most expensive) is Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

t is an A.I. software that picks up on your speech and then transfers it to text. Like a lot of this software they rely on a huge database of known words and how it is said to place it into a create the text. I personally own Dragon Naturally Speaking, and I have to say it is awesome. In Dragon Naturally Speaking you can not only edit you can add punctuations, as well as tell it to create a new paragraph and also tell it what to capitalise. One big benefit of using DNS is that it can be used on any document you are typing onto. It is not document specific. Unlike the ones below which are document specific. This means they can only be used on the document they are designed for.

Microsoft Office 365 Dictate Function

Microsoft has created a fantastic bit of built-in software in its subscription-based Word Document 365 called Dictate. It has its downsides but it is easily as accurate as Dragon Naturally Speaking with fewer functions. But y0u need to weigh up what you want most. Accuracy of speech or functionality or accuracy of punctuations? I find it is just as easy to make it go down a line and add a full stop as DNS.

But when you press the full stop or period button and not say it, it does not recognise the function and keeps the next word afterwards as lower case letters. But it only takes a little practice and then once you are use to it, it is pretty easy.

Google Docs Voice Typing

With Googles A.I. it is amazingly accurate in listening to what you are saying, and the best part is that it is free to use. The only thing is the functions are practically non-existant, clumsy and hard to use. But saying that, the fact that it is free far outweighs the functionality issues. It is all dependant on what you prefer. It is as accurate as DNS and Microsoft Office Dictate in listening to what you are saying, but its functions leave a LOT to be desired.

But beggars can't be choosers. The fact that it is free takes away from functionality issues.

In all these are my best tips in speeding up your ebook creation when it comes to the physical aspect of typing out your document.






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