This is my first post and I am writing this because I am now a new student of John Thornhill's Partnership to Success.

He is an internet marketing coach. The name of the site is Partnership to Success.


So what do you get for the money that you spend? Well, you get a comprehensive video course drip-fed on a daily basis for 60 days.  But as the commercials say. That's not all. You also get access to all of John Thornhill's past products as well as the ability to contact John himself.

Not only that you also have the ability to get on a webinar call directly with John himself. You can request a consultation via skype as well. I'm not sure if that is a direct consultation with John himself or if it is with one of the people who work with him.

You also get access to his exclusive Facebook.

John and his team will look at your site and help you set it up if you need them too. All the videos really help with that. He will give you some help with sales copy too. I advise you to use the resources he recommends. and If you can afford to upgrade to the Ambassador I would. You get your very own affiliate website where you get to 50% of a nearly $5000 Site. You also get 100% of all of John's other products too. As well as that you get up to 75% commission on some of the Clickbank affiliate sites you promote.

Today we chose a domain name set up our hosting as well as started to set up our first blog. We were not meant to write on our blog a full blog post, But I thought “What the heck, I might as well get a head start.

So this is it. I have to say the very best part about Partnership to Success, is that John will not only promote your product he will encourage his army of affiliates to promote for you too.

If you decide to upgrade to Ambassador you will learn how to drive traffic to your site as well as learn how to do solo ads properly.

If you are interested to find out a bit more about John Tornhill then you can CLICK HERE

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you thought of the post and tell me if you're interested in joining Partnership to Success

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