Okay, the foundations are set at Partnership to Success.

Now we are integrating our blog to our Aweber account using the Optimizepress 3 Theme Plugin.

I remember a few years ago Trying to have to go to Aweber and look for the API key to be able to manage to put a form into your WordPress site. It is so much easier now.

The new Optimizepress plugin directs you to log into your Aweber site through WordPress. Then all you have to do is choose the list you want to put onto your blog, save it and you are ready to go. WOW so much easier than it uses to be.

Before we were able to integrate our autoresponder form to our blog we had to put a sidebar into our blog. That was where we were going to put our autoresponder form.


The theme already has a form builder built into it, so once John Thornhill showed us what to do it was a snap. He is an amazing teacher.

So because today is Sunday and we are currently under the lockdown because of covid19. (no church today) I was able to spend a fair bit of time on the site today. I have actually managed to catch up on this amazing site.

You see Partnership to Success has a 60-day challenge to help us keep being motivated and moving forward. From John's experience that if a person is not seeing any progress on a daily basis, people quickly lose interest and give up. John is trying to combat that by giving us a challenge and helping us to keep going in a forward direction. or as (Meet the Robinsons says) keep moving forward.

It is amazing how much progress we have made in such a short time. I struggled to get started at first, but now I am so motivated that I can't wait to get up in the morning to get started.

Partnership to Success is going to be the key to my success online. I know that phase 1 is still the foundational stage and setting up Aweber today and connecting it to my blog was one of the foundations I needed to make sure was set up.

But getting started with Aweber really helped me feel like I was making real progress. Because as you may or may not know. Without a good autoresponder, it is difficult to make a fulltime income online. after all the money is in the list right?

If you'd like to finally succeed online with a world-class internet marketing teacher and coach then look no further.

I have been coached by another huge internet marketer a few years ago and I have to say that John Thornhills Partnership to Success is far superior to the coaching program I did back then.

So if you would like to be coached by the best internet marketing coach I have ever had then CLICK HERE

Feel Free to leave a comment below and let me know if you'd like to check out John's Coaching Program.




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