Today was a fairly easy day. I am still in Phase 1 of the videos I am watching.

Today all I had to do was watch a video on blogging.

Okay so what do I mean and what am I speaking about? Well, when you do the training with Partnership to Success with John Thornhill the training is done in Phases. I would assume that means Modules. In the past, I have seen courses online where people develop some Modules and place numerous videos into each module.  depending on the size of the course depends on how many modules it might have. Module one might have 5 or 6 videos Module 2 might have 3 or 4 videos. etc.

It appears John breaks it up into phases. So as I said I am currently in phase 1 day 3. I'm not sure how many phases there are or how days are in each phase. It appears that Phase 1 is setting up the foundations with a strong emphasis on blogging.

So today I am to download the Bloggers Roadmap by Dan Summers.  I am to read that and move on. It has a lot of more advanced stuff than what was covered in today's lesson. So later on today I will begin to read it.

Now saying that I'm not a fast reader so it might take a few days, depending on how big the ebook is.

I have to say that what I learnt in today's video helped me to understand the importance of blogs. You see previously blogs represented a poor man's website. Little did I understand the real importance of blogs and how they can drive traffic back to your offers. I know I am saying this within my third blog post. It has become clear to me that Google finds blog post with good content as being more worthy of ranking than a lot of sales pages that are just selling things.

John spoke about the various topics you can speak about in your blog posts. I discovered that my journaling is a valid type of blog post that can rank on google as long as it is consistent.

So, for now, I will continue to write about my journey using Partnership to Success and continue to believe that this is the going to be my single step that is going to lead to stratospheric success.

A couple of years ago I met a man named Steven Alvey. This is before he became big online and made a small fortune in his first few launches. We use to have debates on religion. I'm going to say we are both believers in God through the Cristian faith but we come from very different denominations. LOL, our debates became interesting.  It was around that time that I gave up IM for a season. (I knew I'd go back to it again after a while but I didn't know when). when I felt lead back to the IM space I came in contact with Steven Alvey again. He was in the middle of his second and biggest launch.

The reason I am mentioning Steven Alvey is that he spoke about John Thornhills Partnership to Success as being the single reason he had become successful online.

I have known about John Thornhill for quite a few years now, and I wanted to join his coaching program about 4 years ago. I didn't have the money back then to do it.

So when the money became available to me I jumped at the chance to join Partnership to Success. I have to say I don't regret it at all.

After 10 years online it is now my turn to make it big online and dare to dream the dreams I'm meant to have.

I do believe that Partnership to Success or P2S is the key to my success happening. I feel at peace about my decision to join.

If you want to feel the same peace with a decision that is going to lead you to success then why not join me in Partnership to Success and Click Here

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