Today in Partnership to Success John was teaching us how to create a membership site.

This has been a set of videos I have been really looking forward to. In the past, I have watched videos on how to create a membership site and they have been horrible to watch. They used a membership plugin and it was nearly impossible to follow along. I knew that John would make it easy for his members to create a membership site, and I wasn't disappointed.

He took us through the classic editor to create the pages and the main membership area.

He taught us how to create a drop-down menu and he taught us how to add pages to the main menu.

I hope it continues to be an easy process. I think the next few videos are going to be teaching us in more detail on how to create a membership site and allow us to create a secure site so people can't just access it easily.

We used Optimizepress 3 again but this time we actually use some of the OP3 editing features. It was pretty cool.

Obviously Membership sites need to be secure so paying members are not ripped off by people getting access to the membership area for free. So I suspect that is going to be coming up in the next few videos.

Anyway, that is it for today. See ya next time.





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