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Hey guys, Henry here from product creation formula.

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Now today we're going to be looking at making money online through creating video games. That's right. As product creators, it doesn't always have to be about creating ebooks and having courses and creating videos and so forth. It's also about making software, things that go viral. Now you look at Candy Crush now Candy Crush went viral A number of years ago and it made the owners millions now, there's a lot of video games out there at the moment that are making their own millions of dollars online. And let's face it, it is an industry that is still growing to this very day because people love video games. Now I have to say to you right now, I know nothing about video games. But I will say this That I do know, it is a money making venture that you can get into. Now, I'm going to be showing you five sites today, none of them, you have to code to, you don't have to code in any of them. And that's the best part about it. Some of them allow you to code if you want to. And if you do know how to code, but some of the all of these sites that I'm showing you, you don't have to code, if you don't want to, it's just only if you want to go deeper in there and have it have more functionality. But if you don't want to code and you don't know coding, then you can create a really powerful app without having to worry about carding. So before we do that, just let you know here product creation formula. We love to give you tips and tricks to help you create your products quickly and easily. Along with that we also give you product reviews, and also tips on how to make money online. So before we get started, make sure you smash that like button as well as subscribe and hit that bell icon. So you can be notified when we upload more videos. So let's

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head on over there now.

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Okay, now in this particular part of the video we're going to be looking at bill box. Now this is one that's a paid version, but you can also get a free trial in this as well. Now let's have a quick look at what you can do with this. It looks pretty good actually Ivan's looking at Oh, I wouldn't mind doing that. That looks like a lot of fun. So let's have a bit of a look around. Now you can create lots of different things you can create App Store games you can create. It's looks like it's mainly Apple App but looks of it and it's something you can do to make money. So you can have a look here and have a look at some of the things you can create. Now, as you can see, I'll just quickly play the video for you so you can see what's going on.

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You may or may not be able to hear the sound. I hope you can.

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No it doesn't want apply it. That's okay. 14 sounds probably Here we go.

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When we decided to create no code game development software, we knew that we were going to have to take a different approach something that removes boundaries for creators, and allows you to explore the limitless possibilities of your imagination as create amazing games, regardless of your technical skill. On the first and fastest no code game development platform, Bill vos has been uniquely designed to handle multiple styles of game creation based on a user's abilities. We call these creation layers. The first creation layer is called Smart assets, which can be found in the buildbox Asset Library. These assets come with pre canned animations, and also logic built inside of them which speed up game development and ease of use. The second creation layer is what we call brain boxes, and this is new for buildbox brainboxes gives you even more control over a 3d model. You can have Effectively add brains, such as making a car drive or making a character walk, just by simply choosing the brain box. But what if you want even more control of the model? What if you wanted to make the card jump instead of just drive. Using the third creation layer nodes, you have all the power to make that happen. The last creation layer is our low code layer. For advanced developers who still want the extra flexibility to create their own notes from scratch. You can build share with the community, or soon even sell them in our Asset Store. Finally, we put an extremely large focus into improving the usability of the buildbox interface. We did this by making more than 100 fixes and tweaks and introducing major new features like designated 2d worlds and the fly mode for moving around 3d worlds. buildbox is unifying all touch points have amazing game designers, enabling anyone from beginner to advanced to easily build and rapidly deploy the games you always imagine.

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Okay, well, I'm gonna just stop it there. Now. Um, what we're gonna have a look at now is the pricing. So you had to give you a bit of a nice little rundown as to what they're about. So that's always good to have. So as you can watch that and see how it goes. So let's go click on here on the pricing section. And you can have a look at what it's like here. They have a free section, which is, it looks like it's quite limited, you're allowed to create one world and five scenes. So I don't imagine that's a huge game. I think that would be quite a small game. You don't have a lot of levels in that older Shem. And if you want to pay 1999 a month, you can get a bit more you can get a 15 saines. You can't use a customized splash, but you can use mobile export desktop export easy Add mobile integration, easy ironsource integration not sure exactly what that means and then nothing else underneath it or if you want to pay $50 a month or 4999 a month, then you get everything here and including a custom splash page. Now let's have a look at the next one we're going to have a look at one called construct three. Now construct three from my understanding has a free option as well and it's also got some paid features as well. Let's have a look at the pricing before we go any further. And you can have a look at what they like him. So individual. Okay, several key view plan. So this for us is 24 Australian dollars a month it may be less for you if you're from America. $149 a year. And he got business which might definitely increase the price if you're looking to sell the sell the game and you can have sublicense.

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Does it tell me a price here. I hope so.

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Here we are ya $224 that's a strain of course if you're American, it'll be less. And yes, so your city education, but we're not going to go into that one. But we also will do is have a look at some of the features and benefits will click on there. Alright, so let's have a look and see these guys have a video. No, that actually looks like yeah, it's an isometric town though and that's cool.

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All right. So

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you can have a look through here. It doesn't really give you anything any major features, but you know You can publish it anywhere timeline animations, you can publish more on, you can publish on mobile apps. It's got a powerful engine apparently. And instant results. works on any device anywhere. So yeah, I mean, I guess have a product layout and see what you think. I mean, you might find that this is the one for you. Now we can also go over here. This one here is Game Maker studio two. And you can get it from yo yo games. Now Game Maker studio two has been around for a while. And apparently a hat is full of features. Something that is drag and drop. So that makes it a lot easier for you to create your game. And obviously you can add something you're you'll be probably interested in doing if this is the sort of thing you want to do. Now let's have a look and see if we can find anything to do with prices. I didn't say anything about prices earlier. So maybe this is one of the free ones. So I think this may be one of the free ones. If not, I apologize. Because I just can't find the pricing anywhere on the site unless it's at the very bottom of the screen. Pricing here. Yeah, we got some pricing, just a click on that. It's always good to know how much you're going to be spending on this sort of thing. Now you have a free trial, of course. But if you wanted to do be a creator, I think that's from $39 a month. Now you have others for 12 months, or $39 for 12 months. Now you can have it if you're creating on your Windows, or you can also create it on your Mac. Now, there's an education level as well. Now, there are also other things like developers, and obviously they will be more expensive. So you'll be able to create a desktop app or if you want to, or a universal window platform, or maybe a mobile app, of course, you can do a web as well including desktop. And then you go to consoles and the various consoles are really cool because the consoles are things like you do things like ps4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the ultimate which gives you everything and that's 1500 dollars, which I think is pretty amazing. And it gives you a 12 month license to allow you to really create all of these different types of games. Now another one you can do is called unity. Now, apparently my wife and my son had done a little half day course on how to create this when they were down on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, in them in Queensland, I should say that we've got here real time solutions, endless opportunities. Now how to look at this and some of the graphics are amazing. I mean, some of the things you can do if you spend time actually creating this. It'll be absolutely amazing. And from what I am absolutely gobsmacked about is is no coding, which is really, really amazing. And this is called unity and of course it does have various processes. so forth. We'll have a look here at the learning game solutions killer. I know it does the pricing here I just can't remember where it is made with Unity I think it might be that one

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or the products that might be products actually

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to send the product so we'll click there.

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And you can have a look at this and here we go. Yeah, because they do have the pricing here. You got snaps and you can have a look at the various you can have a look at the pricing for that. And you can find out how much that's worth. And here it is in the various things you can pay for. Now they have obviously they they make their money on the fact that they have lots of different things you can purchase that can help build your game and depending on what you want to do, if you want to have, say for example, build your game and have you know pay for this one and then pay for this one and then pay for this one and grab This free one and grab this free one and put it all together to create your app, or to create your game.

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Depending on how robust you want your game, I imagine.

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Now another one we've got here is got engine. Now this one here is like a fairly basic one. But once again, all these are non coded. So you can create these without having to use code. And that's the best part about it. So my recommendation will be just to jump on the, the links down below. They're not affiliate links, so I'm not going to get any money for any of these. So check it, check it out. They're just going to be links going straight to the website, where you can check out what's there and help you be able to choose what type of thing you want to create. And as you can see, they look like gorgeous 3d models just here. And 2d is as well. Easy platform looks like this. A little bit of coding can be done there if you want to. Okay, so you can it's opens Also this one is a free one. Okay, so this is open source. And that's what you want is something that's free, even better. So yeah, don't be afraid to jump into any of these have a look around. You don't have to purchase but is the option is there if you want to say who knows this could very well become the niche that makes you the millions of dollars that you're wanting to do.

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So let's get into it.

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Now if you liked this video, please remember to subscribe, hit that bell icon. Also smash that like button and comment down below as to the type of game you create if you decide to go in this direction, have a great day. Thanks for watching. Bye for now. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed that. Now, the whole concept of being able to create a game without coding is fascinating to me. I personally stay away from games because I know I can become very addicted very easily very quickly. I'm my very first job was working for a video game parlor where I used to give out to changed so people could play the games. And then we moved into an office and I became weekend's operational manager. And guess what, I could play games to my heart's content at that particular point, and I became thoroughly addicted. So now I avoid them. My 14 year old hates it. He wants me to play games with him, but I don't. But besides all that, the whole concept of being able to create video games that you don't have to code to create, and then be able to sell it on something on Google Play, or maybe iTunes to be able to have it. So as it has in app purchases, along with Google AdSense as well, where you can actually have AdSense come into it. You can have it as a to have two revenue streams coming into that. The whole concept of making money through doing this is fascinating to me,

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but I have to be quite honest. I'm not a gamer.

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at all, I choose not to be now. thing is you may want to become a gamer and you know what better way of making money online then To create a wonderful game and have it that people become addicted to it, and they love it, and they want to just continue to use it and purchase from it, and do the various things to help make you money. Who knows, you may have your next Candy Crush.

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Anyhow, with that being said and done, if you liked this video, please make

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sure you smash that like button. Along with that, hit the subscribe button and also hit the bell icon so you can be notified when we upload more videos. And along with that, please, if you were to create a video game, leave a comment down below and tell us what type of video game you'd be preferred be wanting to make. Okay, have a great day. And thanks for watching. And I'll see you later. Bye for now. Hey guys, before you go check out these videos here. Down the bottom is video that YouTube recommends. And the one above is other part of a playlist or it's an individual video that I've created. I thought maybe would you'd appreciate it. So it's right there.

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