Hey guys Henry here from Product Creation Formula in this video we're going to be talking about the number one way on how you can create an entire course in as little as two days now that is from the very beginning to the very end that is a complete 10 video course that you can create in as little as two days.

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In this video, I'm going to be talking about one of the coolest ways on how you can create your product. Now what we're going to be looking at here is the ebook called “low content publishing” now what we're talking about we're not going to be talking about low content publishing, what we're going to be talking about is plr, turning a plr ebook into a video.

All you need to do really is go through the ebook that you've got, making sure that when you have your ebook that it says you can modify and change the main product. Now what you need to do is once you've got your product here you have a look through it and you go through and you find all of the main points for example one interior template and then you can go through and you can have a look at that you can turn that into a powerpoint slide you can go getting started there can be another powerpoint slide you can go here if you check out here's a few to check out you can put that in a powerpoint slide you can go through you can have all your subtitles there and you can turn all of these into powerpoint slides and then turn that into a video now all you need to do once you've got that into a video once you've got it into powerpoint slides is you put cover pages between all the slides now i've got a mock one just here going up here of course you have your cover page then you might have slide one slide two slide three and slide four even though they all say the same thing in this particular case it is just an example and then you move across to the next cover page and then you go ahead and you do the same thing again and you continue to record all the way through to the end now what you do is you don't stop you start from the very first cover slide you continue through you go through all the points in each slide and once you come to the last point in the last slide or in that slide if you don't turn the video off you continue recording you then pause at the last point wait a few seconds then you move across to the cover page once you have done that you stay quiet for a moment or two and then you move on to your first point and you do that and when you're doing your editing it is at this point here where the cover pages that is where you can put some music now you can count it down in your head for three or four seconds before you go ahead and move on to your slide this way you have a consistent amount of time it takes to do your cover slide and this way if you continue going you might have 50 or 60 slides that you end up having in the end and what you do by the time you reach the end you've got 50 or 60 slides you then record it all the way through that should take you roughly about an hour maybe an hour and a half then once you've done that you have got your complete video all you then need to do is break that video up into smaller sections then what you can do is you can go back to the ebook and you can break it up into sections plus you can also change the ebook around because you've got the word document here that you can change around you can make sure you change the cover image you also make sure you change the name and the title of it you then also go in and you change some of the content now what i normally do when i change the content of an ebook is i'll have a bit of a read through here especially the introduction section i might change a few things around i might also add a few extra paragraphs of my own for example i might add a paragraph here at the end of this one and then i might go a bit further down before i get to there i might add another paragraph or two in there then i do also maybe go another add a paragraph in here and that will be all i have to do in fact really when you're changing your product i would strongly suggest you put a couple of paragraphs in every chapter and this way not only are you making it unique to you you're also changing the product to make it completely unique by adding about two maybe three extra chapter paragraphs in each chapter you are not only increasing the size of your ebook but you're also increasing the value of your ebook by adding your own personality into it now people love have seen if you have your own testimonies anything you can any stories you can give of your own you can add that as well and people love listening to stories and reading about people's lives and they will love seeing what you have to say about this in your own way now what i would also strongly suggest you do is you put into practice what they say and then you can also add a how-to video to certain sections of it so once you have actually put it once you have seen what they say you you practice it and put it into practice you can then do add some how-to videos to it as well and that will also add extra value to your video course okay guys if you got a lot out of this video please consider smashing the like button as well as subscribing and hitting the bell icon so you can be notified whenever we upload more videos thanks for watching i'll see you in the next video bye for now one last thing i forgot to mention in the video was that you can also one edit 100 of the ebook if you wish to now you can do that because it's already it's already written so all you really need to do is rewrite it completely in your own words and by doing that it becomes 100 unique and by being 100 unique that also allows you to give you an extra platform in other words amazon kdp you can actually upload this 100 into amazon kdp and because it is 100 unique amazon won't have a problem with it all right guys on that note we'll see you in the next video thanks for watching bye for now [Music] you

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