Discover how I went from 0 subscribers and $0 to 1500 subscribers and nearly $700 a month
without even being monetized on YouTube

Do You Want To Start A YouTube Channel But Don't Know Where To Start?

Discover how to create and launch your own YouTube channel
so you can start on the road to success.

What This Course Can Do For You

Discover how you can make money on YouTube before you even join the YouTube Partners Program. 

The 6 Ts

Discover The Importance of The 6 Ts

Make Money On YouTube Fast

You Don't Need 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Watch Hours To Make Money on YouTube

Self Paced Learning

Learn At Your Own Pace. Learn as fast or As Slow As You Want

Discover How to Get More Subscribers and Likes

Discover The Best Way To Get People To Like Subscribe And Hit The Bell Notification.

YouR Perfect Niche

Discover The Niche That Is Right For You

Where To Promote

Learn Where You Can Share Your Videos And Channel For Maximum Impact

Why Listen TO Me

How I Went From Earning Only A Couple of Dollars A Month, To  Making Over $1000+ per Month On YouTube.

If you are looking at breaking into YouTube to become the next PewDiePie, Or MrBeast, the first step is to start your very own YouTube Channel.

Hi My name is Henry Webster, and I run the channel "Product Creation Formula". 

I have been playing around on YouTube since 2010. 

I never really considered YouTube as a serious money earner until early June 2020. That is when I decided to get serious and learn as much as I could to become successful on YouTube. 

On the  14Th of July 2020, I posted my first video on my new Channel "Product Creation Formula." I was so excited when I uploaded my first video. BUT all I heard was crickets. I frantically watched a number of videos about growing your channel and then I did a couple of tweaks and suddenly I received around 50 views for my first video. I also received my first subscriber.

I continued to learn and tweak and get better at video creation.

In September of 2020, I received my first $100 commission that came from my YouTube Channel. That was when I knew I was onto something BIG. The best part was that I only had around 80 Subscribers at the time. 

1 Year Later I joined the YouTube Partnership Program because I had reached my milestones of 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours.

That Month I earned $198 from YouTube Ad Revenue alone and it continues to grow. 

I Also earned $513 in commissions. That was over $710 In July 2021. 

So I continued to double down on what worked, and stopped what didn't, and I continued to receive commissions between $100 - $400 a month from YouTube traffic alone

Now I make over $1000 a Month and It is continuing to grow monthly.

My current Subscriber count is over 3300 Subscribers and over 10,000 hours watch time and over 175,000 Views. 

YT Success Formula. Discover How To Build Your YouTube Channel Today!

In This Course 

You will be able to create and launch your own YouTube channel without spending thousands on equipment and software. You will learn how to come up with ideas and how to grow your channel.

You will discover the hidden traps that a lot of new YouTubers make that seriously hurt their channel and there chances of making it big on YouTube. 

You will learn how to avoid these pitfalls so you don't get your channel banned and YouTube will promote your videos for you. 

I will show you the methods I personally used to make money from YouTube Before I ever received 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours.

Get Exclusive Access Now!
This 24 Part Video Course, Is To The Point & Without Any Fluff .

Each Video Is Designed To Help You Get Started As Quickly As Possible.

Video 1: Introduction

We Walk You Through What This Course Has To Offer You and What To Expect

Video 2: Choose A Niche

Discover How To Choose a Niche For Your Channel, as Well As A Channel Name.

Video 3: Sign Up To A Business Gmail Account

You May Already Have a Gmail Account, But We Will Walk You Through Starting a Business Gmail Account Exclusively For Your Channel

Video 4: Create Channel Art

In this Video We Will Show You The Best Free and Paid Ways To Get Your Channel Art Created

Video 5: Verify Your Channel

In This Video We Will Be Showing You How To Verify Your Channel To Open More Benefits

Video 6: YouTube Studio Tour

In This Video We Will Be Giving You A Brief Tour of YouTube Studio

Video 7: Get To Know YouTube Studio Better

We Walk You Through YouTube Studio And Go Into More Details Of This Area

Video 8: Definition Of RPM and CPM

We Will Discuss The Definitions of RPM and CPM

Video 9: Understand YouTube Analytics

Here We Go Into More Detail of The Analytics To Help Grow Your Channel

Video 10: Types Of Videos You Can Create

In This Video We Are Going to Discuss All The Various Types of Videos You Can Create

Video 11: Equipment You Can Use

Here We Discuss The Different Types Of Equipment You Can Use Depending On The Type Of Videos You Want To Create

Video 12: The Importance of
The 6 Ts

In This Video We Will Be Introducing To What I Call The 6Ts

Video 13: T1

This Video Goes Into More Detail of T1

Video 14: T2

This Video Goes Into More Detail of T2

Video 15: T3

This Video Goes Into More Detail of T3

Video 16: T4

This Video Goes Into More Detail of T4

Video 17: T5

This Video Goes Into More Detail of T5

Video 18: T6

This Video Goes Into More Detail of T6

Video 19: Prepare To Win

The Importance of The Right Mindset Will Determine If You Succeed or Not

Video 20: The Importance of Consistency

Do Not Miss This Video. Where We Discuss The Importance Of Consistency. 

Video 21: Monetization Fastest Way

We Will Be Discussing How You Can Make Money On YouTube Before You Get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours

Video 22: Various Dangers To Watch Out For


Video 23: Conclusion

This Is Going To Be Like a Checklist Going Over Everything You Should Have Done By Now To Start Upload Your First Video.

Bonus Video 24: How To Upload Your First Video

In This Video You Can Watch Over My Shoulder As I Upload A Video Onto My Own Channel. And I Will Be Describing What I am Doing As I Go Along

Still Undecided?

Free Bonus 1
Exclusive Access To My eBook YT Success Formula.

Monetize Your Videos Before You Reach YouTube's Milestones.

Learn how to find your perfect channel niche.
Discover how to come up with ideas for your YouTube channel.
learn how to grow your YouTube channel
Learn How To Make Money On Youtube Before You Reach 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours.

Still Undecided?

Free Bonus 2
Downloadable WorkBook So You Can Follow Along With YT Success Formula.

With this workbook you will be able to map your progress and success.

Learn how to find your perfect channel niche.
Discover how to come up with ideas for your YouTube channel.
learn how to grow your YouTube channel
Learn How To Make Money On Youtube Before You Reach 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours.

Free Bonus 3
My Free Check List 

Keep Track of Your Progress and Tick It Off As You Go 

Learn how to find your perfect channel niche.
Discover how to come up with ideas for your YouTube channel.
learn how to grow your YouTube channel
Learn How To Make Money On Youtube Before You Reach 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours.

YT Success Formula Gives You The Secrets
That I Discovered To Start Making Money YouTube. 

Why not shorten the learning curve and learn from someone who has gone from $0 and 0 Subscribers to making over $1000 Per Month and Over 3400 Subscribers

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$199 Value
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